Bingomania Problems Amount

Apr 02, 2012
Bingomania Problems Amount
Complaints arrive, explanations are scarce

As of recent, a big issue has been reported with Bingo Mania, which made the player pay for its own mistakes.

What happened is that a player complained they have been locked out, their payouts denied by the site, which stated as the reason that 'Bingomania is not accepting players from your country, Romania'. When asked about it, the management of the company said "yes, it's in the Terms;” however, the problem is – it isn't.

When this was pointed out to the Bingomania management, they said 'An employee deleted it without permission'. If they were playing by the books, they wouldn't throw their own mistake at the player's expense. Yet, on the contrary, instead of making a redemption move, Bingomania switched tactics and accused the player of having multiple accounts and abusing bonuses...but without providing evidence about it.

It's amazing how it's possible that a player from a banned country was allowed to deposit, play, and win, but when they attempted to withdraw their money, their country of origin became an issue at once. According to Bingomedia, that was another mistake.
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