Buzz Bingo’s Sticky Bandits Roulette Live Offers Exciting Mystery Bonuses

Buzz Bingo’s Sticky Bandits Roulette Live Offers Exciting Mystery Bonuses

Get ready for a thrilling spin with Sticky Bandits Roulette Live Mystery Bonus at Buzz Bingo!

Mark your calendars because from Wednesday, 15th May to Monday, 3rd June, between 5 pm and 3 am daily, the Wild West excitement takes over Bandit Town!

Legendary Wild West Wins Await

  • 10 Bonus Rounds Daily: Each round could be your golden ticket to claiming a share of £200 in cash. With just a minimum total bet of £1 on the Sticky Bandits Roulette Live table, you have a chance to win from a £2,000 daily prize pool!

Unveil the Mystery Bonus Magic: The Mystery Bonus can appear at any random moment! With a whopping £40,000 in cash waiting to be won, be sure to stay alert for your chance to grab a share.

Your Journey to the Jackpot

  1. Join the Action: Visit the Sticky Bandits Roulette Live table from 5 pm - 3 am daily.
  2. Watch for the Mystery Bonus: Keep an eye on the screen for the Mystery Bonus indicator. It can activate anytime, up to 10 times a day.
  3. Bet to Get: Place a minimum bet of £1 to qualify for the bonus round. Betting more won't increase your chances, but participating is key to winning.
  4. Share the Prize: If your "straight up" bet wins, you’ll claim a share of the £200 prize. Betting on multiple positions? Great strategy, but your prize share remains the same.

Ready to dive into the wildest parts of the Old West? Head to the Live Casino and find the Sticky Bandits Roulette Live room, available from 5 pm to 3 am every day!

Promotion Details

The promotion will run daily from 17:00 to 03:00 (UK Time) starting Wednesday, 15th May 2024, until Monday, 3rd June 2024, at 23:59. It is exclusive to UK residents aged 18 or over and is available only to customers of Buzz Bingo.

Daily Prize Opportunities

Each day during the Promotion Period, all network players in the Sticky Bandits Roulette Live room, found in the "Live Casino" menu tab on, will have the chance to win a share of £200 in cash across ten (10) daily "Mystery Bonus" rounds. 

A total of £2,000 in cash is available to be won each day, amounting to an overall cash prize pool of £40,000 over the 20-day Promotion Period.

Players at the Sticky Bandits Roulette Live table will be notified via the user interface when one of the ten (10) randomly-triggered daily Mystery Bonus rounds is active.

Players must place a minimum total bet of £1.00 in cash to qualify for a Mystery Bonus Round.

In a Mystery Bonus Round

Up to five (5) "straight-up" betting positions will be chosen by the random number generator (RNG) and highlighted in the user interface. If a player has bet on any of these randomly-nominated positions, they will receive a share of the designated £200 prize pool for that Mystery Bonus Round. The £200 Mystery Bonus prize pool is equally distributed among all network winning players.

  • Example 1: If there are 100 winners in a bonus round, each customer receives £2.00 in cash.
  • Example 2: If there are 1,000 winners, each customer receives £0.20. • Higher value bets do not increase the chance of winning a share of the prize pool during a Mystery Bonus Round. • Betting on more than one of the five nominated positions does not increase the overall share of the total bonus round prize.

The Mystery Bonus Round will feature a visible countdown clock, displaying the time left for players to place their bets. The RNG-generated bonus result is separate from the winning result of the Sticky Bandits Roulette Live game.

Players' shares of the £200 prize pool will be awarded automatically, with a personalized message notifying them of their win. All prizes will be awarded in cash and are non-transferable.

All Buzz Bingo and Buzz Casino winners will be paid in GBP based on the exchange rate on the day of payment. There is no limit to the number of Mystery Bonus rounds each player can win throughout the Promotion Period. All Mystery Bonus prizes will be paid in cash into your or account, with no wagering requirements on the won amount. Unaccepted cash bonuses will expire 30 days from the date of issue. A £5 minimum withdrawal applies per the General Terms.

How to Participate and Eligibility Criteria

To join the Promotion during the Promotion Period, you must:

  • Be aged 18+.
  • Be located in the UK. The Promotion is not available to customers outside of the UK.
  • Have a GBP (£) currency account.
  • Be an online customer who registered at or on or after 27/09/18.
  • Place a minimum qualifying bet of £1.00 in cash on a nominated straight-up betting position during one of the ten (10) daily "Mystery Bonus" rounds to qualify for a share of the £200 cash prize per round.
  • You cannot participate if previously excluded by Buzz Group from promotions or any gaming on the Website. You will be notified if excluded.
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