Celebrate ANZAC Day at BingoAustralia with a $10,000 Bingo Event

This Saturday April 25th, join BingoAustralia as they pay their respects on ANZAC Day. The day itself is dedicated to the remembrance of those that fought during the First World War on behalf of Australia and New Zealand.

BingoAustralia will be offering a very special 'Lest We Forget' Poppy Flower Bingo event. The event is a $10,000 Coverall that includes ten Poppy Flower games all at $150.

The site is also spreading awareness by asking fans of the site, and anyone looking to pay respects, to share the Poppy Flower E-Card posted on BingoAustralia's Facebook page. Additionally, those that take the time to pay respects through BingoAustralia will find themselves entered into a raffle.

So raise awareness, remember those that have made sacrifices, and celebrate freedom by partaking in this special event.
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