China's Lottery Sales Skyrocket During Summer

China's Lottery Sales Skyrocket During Summer
China, as a very centralized country with the government's say in all matters being final, still has a very organized and thriving state lottery.

During this summer's FIFA World Cup, which took place in Russia between June 14th and July 15th, sports lottery sales in China grew exponentially by as much as 117.5%, year-on-year (to 35.53 billion CNY). As a by-product of this, official lottery products also soared – by 61.9% in July.

Games' of Chances New Boom:

The report, issued by China's Ministry of Finance, says that July's total lottery income was 54.64 billion CNY, which is approximately $7.99 billion...

...Also, welfare lottery tickets were sold at a higher rate than last year – 9.7%.

In total, lottery ticket sales during the first seven months of the year contributed to almost 300 billion CNY, which is a massive rise on an annual level – 25.6%. Welfare lottery tickets sale increased by 5%.

Still, the absolute winner in the sales rise category are sports lottery tickets which made a staggering leap of 47.6%, year-on-year!

Province by Province:

All 31 provinces in China sold more lottery tickets than last year, according to the authorities...

...With Guangdong still being the leader in this segment – this region contributed with 27.71 billion CNY to a total sales revenue.

Next is Jiangsu, with 26.09 billion, with Shangdong following closely in third place, with 22.81 billion in first seven months.

Source: "Mainland China lottery sales jump 62pct in July". GGRAsia. September 21, 2018.
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