Club 3000 Makes Move to ‘Take Over’ Bingo Britain

Oct 08, 2020
Club 3000 Makes Move to ‘Take Over’ Bingo Britain

Over the past few months we’ve been inundated with bingo closure rumors and it would seem most of them were true. Buzz Bingo announced that it would be closing a total of 26 of their clubs nationwide which will result in the loss of 573 jobs, and in July, Rank Group (who owns Mecca Bingo) warned certain venues may close for good this year.

Amidst the anguish and rumours, one bingo brand is doing its best to become one of the largest independent bingo hall operators in the UK, and they’re doing this be investing and opening up new bingo halls! Club3000 Bingo; or “The Home of Big Prize Money” as they like to call themselves, have been in the bingo business since 2006 with 19 sites cotted around the country. They may not be as big as Mecca or Buzz, but they strive to be!

Club 3000 Bingo is a family run business and despite bingo doors being open for some 14-years, they only recently moved into the online bingo industry (in the spring of 2020). It would seem being online pays off as more and more people are following them on social media and getting involved with hot topics.

19 Becomes 20

We’ve known for some time Club 3000 have been waiting to open the doors to venue number 19 – the Blackpool bingo hall which has cost more than £7million, and now, they have plans to open venue number 20 – a bingo hall in Oxford! And, you’ll not have long to wait to see it either as they plan to open to the public in February 2021! Bingo players are being promised a luxury venue with ‘the highest prize money at the lowest cost.’

The new club will create 40 jobs and will be a much-needed boost to the local economy and bin-goers can expect food, drink, plenty of session bingo games (both 90-ball and 50-ball) and plenty of casino games. Brian Fraser, owner of Club 3000, commented: “We are delighted to extend our portfolio of clubs to 20 and bring the Club 3000 brand to Oxford in February 2021. This is a great venue and community, and we are excited to offer customers a fabulous bingo experience in a first-class, modern and secure environment.

“We promise something special to look forward to - both for regular bingo lovers and new customers. The completely refurbished club will not only offer bingo lovers a fantastic new experience but also bring much-needed jobs to the local area especially during this very challenging time.”

To rub salt into the wound, the Kassa Stadium was home to Buzz Bingo only recently and it would seem, as soon as they closed the doors, Club 3000 had designs on the premises! Chris Matthews, chief executive of Buzz Bingo, said at the time of: “The ongoing pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for the entire leisure and hospitality sector and an immediate and significant impact on our business.”

Source: “New Bingo Club to Open at Kassa Stadium”. Oxford Mail. October 6, 2020.

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