Cozy Games Seals Deal with GoCoin

Oct 28, 2014
Cozy Games Seals Deal with GoCoin
As a result of a recent agreement, Cozy Games will now support GoCoin, and international payment platform for bitcoin and additional digital currencies.

Cozy Games will accept cryptocurrency via the platform as a "more cost-effective payment method" with the UK point of consumption tax around the corner.

"By partnering with GoCoin, Cozy Games will enjoy a dramatic reduction in costs associated with credit card transactions, chargebacks, and cross-border fees -- all without having to worry about the security, volatility or complexity of handling coins directly."

"GoCoin's solution is adaptable and compliant with Internet gaming law, allowing us to safely adopt the latest payment innovations while focusing on our core strength of delivering an excellent online experience for our players," Sreeram Reddy, chief executive officer of Cozy Games said.

"By accepting cryptocurrencies through the GoCoin payment platform, regulated online gambling operators can engage new markets like the underbanked that are historically difficult to reach," said Steve Beauregard, co-founder and chief executive officer of GoCoin. "Our engineers are actively working with regulators to develop clear guidelines that stay within the law while also respecting a player's right to privacy."
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