Did This Bingo Player Know Her Limits?

Mar 10, 2011
Did This Bingo Player Know Her Limits?
It is easy to get caught up in the rapture of online bingo. Content in the comfort of your home, bingo balls are dancing and mini slots are spinning. In the process you have acquired some bingo buddies along the way. This adds up to a mixture of pleasure and entertainment. It is an adult playground, where you and your playmates merrily sing their praises for delightful wins.

But it is important not to over extend your stay. Time seems to slip away and so can your bank account if you're not careful. Take the case of Rita Tapping who claims that “thieves” stole £9,000 from her bank account and played bingo at her expense. It's a true story that has been in the bingo headline “tabloids” since 2008 and continues to resurface. It is a highly controversial case for obvious reasons that don't quite seem to add up.

For Rita, she fits the profile of a player who escaped the harsh realities that had now plagued her. A husband that had a stroke just one year before, her life took a drastic turn. She played online bingo and found solace in a well deserved pleasure for herself. The alleged perpetrator played bingo with Rita's bankroll and reportedly even won. The winnings were placed directly back into Rita's very own bank account. But the gambler played at three different bingo sites and eventually came out a loser in the end. When Rita did realize her bank account was depleted of £9,000, in a sheer panic, reported it to the proper authorities. She was certain that it was a local that gambled her money because at that time she had an unsecured network.

The case was later ruled as non fraudulent activity due to there being no personal gain for the gambler. As a result of the compounded stress, Rita placed her husband in a home shortly after suffering yet another stroke and where he finally passed away. Now a widow, she claims she has suffered a mental breakdown with all the tragic events that transpired. Though her husband was paralyzed and incontinent he worried about the loss of the money and the added stress it caused his wife. Rita strongly believes this was a contributing factor to his death.

Is this a case of a woman who turned to gambling as a coping mechanism or did some prankster find joy in wreaking havoc in her life. Did money far out way the ailing husband and took priority in her life. Money is important but as they say, it means nothing when compared to the love and health of those you hold dear. Rita did exhibit behavior of not coping well under stress. What really happened to that £9,000? No one knows for sure but Rita herself.
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