Enjoy A Week of Delights At Bingorella

Enjoy A Week of Delights At Bingorella
Have you ever dreamed of a perfect week? For different people, this means different things, of course, but for us, bingo buffs, there's only one meaning that makes sense - a week of over-the-top bingo extravaganza, with each day bringing something new and distinct.

Monday, Oh Monday

Strapping bingo site Bingorella knows our troubles as it went ahead and did just that - came up with all sorts of different offers, games and other stuff for (almost) every day of the week. No need to worry if all days are not covered - it's compensated by throwing more than one event on a single certain day...

OK, so let's get this rolling: first stop - Monday.

The universally ‘hated day' could hold the remedy for your work week woes (that's three W's!), times three. It kicks off with Dreamy Monday (what an oxymoron, right?) which is a fixed 75-25 jackpot game awarding £600 and £120 per line. The game is played at 9:30 PM with entry tickets costing only £0.05.

Another Monday event is the Magical Mondays (look, they did it again!) with £1,000 to be had in real money, no less. Join this 90-ball game at 10:30 PM and fund your cash balance in an instant. For this to work, you need to have deposited at least £5 in the past 7 days.

Final event for Monday is the Happy Hour which, God knows, we need in generous quantities after a first day in the office. Between 4 and 6 PM enjoy yet another bingo cocktail with double amount of points in chat games - simply buy the ticket and have a go yourself. Also, try to get the fun of answering questions right in the Nifty Ninety room and you may just grab the tasty £5 bonus!

On Towards The Weekend

From here on, it's mostly smooth sailing, with £1,500 Terrific Tuesday following the next day. Join the raffle every Tuesday at 9 PM and take your share of the £1,500 prize fund - £750 for Full House, £500 for 2 lines and £250 for 1 line. Entry tickets cost only £0.25.

We're in mid-week now and £500 Wacky Wednesday brings the much-needed stress relief. The games begin at 9 in the evening and this is yet another one with prize fund shared: £250 for Full House, £150 for 2 lines and £100 for 1 line.

£1,000 Wishful Thursdays is a 75-24 bingo game running at 9:30 PM in which there's another £1,000 for the taking!

Fast forward to lazy, cozy Sunday and we have two more excellent promos to get your spirits high for the pending return to office. First, the £250 Sunday Sizzle, the 75-ball bingo game played at 9PM with up to £250 cash rewards.

Finally, we round it all off with a major event: £10,000 Sunday Funday, with maximum prize fund of £10K and a minimum one of £2,000.The game starts at 8 PM, for mere £0.50 per entry card.

It goes without saying, of course, that you're already familiar with Bingorella's general terms and conditions and that you're ready to have all the fun in the world, so - go have all the fun in the world!
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