Gala Bingo Rebranded to Buzz Bingo

Gala Bingo Rebranded to Buzz Bingo
One of the biggest retail bingo operators, Gala Leisure, has announced a brand new partnership with developer and content provider, Playtech, who will be supplying its brand of games to the newly instated Buzz Bingo website - the former Gala Bingo.

Gala Leisure has relaunched its Gala Bingo brand as Buzz Bingo along with the announcement of a radical shift in marketing towards younger, internet-oriented demographics which will entail a two-year, £40 million investment plan - one of the biggest financial injections into the bingo realm in years!

As bingo seeks new ground to keep relevant as we enter the finale of XXI century's second decade, this game, once a staple of British culture, turns to younger audiences who are developing new habits online. Shunning Facebook in favor of image sharing platforms such as Instagram but also being more open to face-to-face entertainment and direct interaction with their friends, this new segment of people is reigniting the love for bingo by referencing the game with Instagram hashtags and promoting their bingo experience online. This provides new opportunities to engage with the game, and Gala Leisure wants to bring back the sense of fun and community to bingo - in a word, regain its very foundations, for a new generation.

The brand owns UK's biggest chain of bingo halls and clubs. The relaunch under the Buzz Bingo moniker comes after a heavy dose of investments and the opening of two new clubs in the country which, CEO Chris Matthews, and Caledonia Investments hope will re-energize the local communities and revamp the allure of bingo in general.

Their biggest hope lies in the younger demographics that are re-entering the bingo halls in much greater numbers than before - rebuking the stereotype that bingo is an 'old folks' game. These young people value shared experiences and social interaction much more than spending time on Facebook, although there is a significant surge in bingo-related hashtags on social media giant, Instagram. The cross-generation fun and opportunities for all players is the name of the game that Buzz Bingo is keen to play from now on.

The choice of the name, "Buzz," was decided upon after the company reached out to its employees and customers, after the majority stated that Buzz was the perfect choice as it describes the bingo experience, resonating with the club teams and also having a familiar ring to it in social media communities, describing something that is trending.

Chris Matthews comments: "Our unique relationship with customers will always be considered at the core of our offer. There is a sense of nostalgia for a game of bingo and a sense of fun and community spirit that goes hand in hand. When I joined this company, I was struck by the special relationships that our customers and teams have. I've never experienced anything like it in my career. It's that feeling we want to bring to a wider audience through the launch of Buzz Bingo."

"Our customers really enjoy their time with us and there is nowhere else you can go, to enjoy the combination of meeting up with friends, old and new, having a laugh with some good food and drink, all with the excitement and sense of anticipation that the game of bingo brings too - all for under £20! Keeping this spirit of community, our customers love, is very important to us as we expand in the future, into the online space and attract a new generation of players."

Source: "Bingo is back: Market leader, Gala Leisure is to relaunch all its Gala Bingo clubs as Buzz Bingo with two-year £40 million investment plan". Gala Leisure. May 24, 2018.
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