Get Ready For Black Friday Special At Cyber Bingo!

Get Ready For Black Friday Special At Cyber Bingo!
Ready for fabulous cash prizes at Cyber Bingo? How about joining on November 23rd, which is exactly when the Black Friday Special begins! The operator is giving away fantastic cash prizes, but more importantly, exclusive bingo fun and excitement, as pots go all the way to $7,500...

This unique opportunity starts at 8 PM EST in the Autumn Bingo room, and here's the complete overview of rewards:

  • $150 Reverse Coverall Max $500 game

  • $7,500 Coverall minimum $75.00 game

  • $50.00 Starting game

  • $250.00 Guaranteed game

Moreover, players can join every hour and increase their chances of winning, so pick a time and fetch some $0.75 tickets from the lobby. This promotion carries an exclusive add-on, meaning that partakers can receive more cards than usual... the so-called BOGOF is complementing Cyber Bingo's Autumn deals, so buying 3 can accumulate 2 more tickets and extend your playtime... pre-order now!

The Autumn Fever Continues:

As part of the seasonal promotional offers, players are also invited to join two more events - the $13,000 Guaranteed Event on Saturday, November 24th and Thanksgiving Bingo, on Thursday, 22nd November.

Both raffles offer incredible cash prizes, so if you're into competing for $10,000 in the big game, plus three separate $1,000 guaranteed events, now is the time! The Big Bingo fun kicks off at 7 PM EST in the Tourney Bingo room, so why not collect your cards for $2 a piece?

Now, a smaller pot whose budget reaches $2,500 can be won in the exciting Turkey Supreme Bingo games... it's Thanksgiving after all. Celebrate the holiday with friends while playing every hour starting at 6 PM EST. Each play begins with a guaranteed pot of $150 and this promo also features a slightly altered BOGOF deal.

Finally, the platform is hosting an Autumn Bingo tourney this entire month with $2,000 of guaranteed prizes up for grabs! Escape the chills and tune in every day from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM EST if you want to snatch one of the rewards... the operator will credit them to the players' accounts on December 1st, 2018 - a nice present for the upcoming holidays, right?
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