Go For Ultimate Shopping Spree On Bingo For Money

Go For Ultimate Shopping Spree On Bingo For Money
So, we have already established that November is the month for crispy leaves on the ground, stark cold air and hot tea, Thanksgiving get-togethers and all round autumn goodness...

What the eleventh month of the year is also good for is... shopping!

Time To Renew The Wardrobe

Even if you hate the ‘retail therapy' we promise that this time you'll totally love it, because your companion is none other than Bingo for Money, a reputable gaming site licensed under the Curacao jurisdiction whose admins just couldn't wait for this season in order to showcase their full-scale brilliance...

There is going to be more info in this article about some other promos you can find at the venue as well, but for now, let's focus on the month-long offer - The Ultimate Shopping Spree. This deal simply invites you to, quite aptly, shop till you drop.

The promo runs from November 1st to November 30th and it will come with a plethora of prizes, both in cash and other goodies like free chips or extra spins

In order to be eligible to partake, you need to wager at least €50 per day until the promotion ends whereas for every €1 wagered on bingo or €10 wagered on slots, you will be awarded one point...

Winning as many points as possible is advisable because the daily top-five players (as in top bettors) qualify for the weekly cash draw that holds these prizes:

  • €500 cash per week

  • 3x 50 extra spins

  • 3x 50 complimentary chips

Seven winners in total will be drawn every Monday and the daily 5 top participants will enter the grand finale that will take place on November 30th in the Final Room. The winner gets 150,000 Shop Stars, second place wins 75,000 Shop Stars and third place acquires 50,000 Shop Stars.

Black Friday Incoming!

What's synonymous with shopping and November? Why Black Friday, of course - the one day when you get to be trampled in a stampede for the unique opportunity to grab a TV on sale!

All sarcasm aside, there's a way to have a fulfilling Black Friday without actually risking your life during a public disorder/riot. Just log in to Bingo For Money between November 23rd and 25th and join the Black Friday Frenzy.

As the site says, "there's a deal to be found for everyone" so brace yourself and hold your patience until the day comes when the actual prizes will be revealed for all to see... until then, remember that you heard it here first!

As always, our closing word has to be the word of caution and wisdom - yes, yes, we know we're boring, but bear with us - and that is, of course, that you should always, without exception, take your time to read the site's terms and conditions - both general as well as those pertaining to the specifics of each promo.
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