Halloween is Always Special on Downtown Bingo

Halloween is Always Special on Downtown Bingo
With the year's greatest celebration of all things spooky and scary, Halloween, just around the bend, we are giddy with excitement and promise of fun autumn - thanks primarily to the amazing efforts by our favorite bingo sites...

...One of them, Downtown Bingo, has truly been working hard for this and the fruits of their labor are easy to see. With more Halloween-themed promos than we can count, we'll begin presenting them to you in a very random order, as they're sure to appeal to everyone's taste.

Trips, Tourneys and Treats:

Let's begin with a banger: the Spooktacular €60,000 Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 31st!

As is evident by the title, this offer is all about massive cash prizes. The party begins at 1 AM CEST in Halloween Bingo room and there is €15,000 to be won every hour...

...These are coverall minimum €150,00 games and are played at 1, 2, 3 and 4 AM CEST - when the hours are dark and creatures are perilous!

Entry cards are only €0.90 and they come with the Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer.

Only a few days prior to that is the Pumpkin Treats promotion. Join the USA bingo room on Sunday, October 28th, and play top of the hour games with guaranteed starting pots of €33. Cash prizes will grow exponentially bigger as more players join in, so you better hope for a big turnout - it's in your best interest.

The games begin at 12 AM CEST and the last one is played at 6 AM.

Visit the Boy Who Lived:

Harry Potter maniacs, this one's for you. The Trip or Treat promotion invites you to take a chance of winning a trip to London for two people, where you'll be visiting Warner Bros. Studio's Harry Potter world and going behind the making of one of the biggest epic movies of the XXI century...

...You will get to visit the studio and see the sets, props and costumes and even climb aboard the Hogwarts Express or enter the Gryffindor coming room or walk down Diagon Alley...

The package includes the 2 airplane tickets to London, entrance tickets to Warner Brothers studios and 3 days stay at Hilton Hotel with breakfast for two.

Of course, you can also choose to keep the cash prize of €5,000 if you prefer. Join the Tourney bingo room on Sunday October 28th and play the games at 1, 2 and 3 AM in order to make most of this amazing, magical offer.

Race With Spiders:

Some special Spider Races are taking place on October 21st at 2 AM and, no, don't worry - those little pesky creepy crawlies won't be running all over your screen for real...

...in Pack and Line Bingo room, there will be an hour of speed bingo games and your goal is to look for spider race patterns. The starting pot is €7.80 and cards only cost €0.15.

And the last but certainly not least is Frankie's €600,00 Reverse Coverall - Frankie being, of course, the infamous Frankenstein. Join the Halloween bingo room on Sunday, October 20th at 2 AM and win cash prize up to €600 in guaranteed prizes...

...This promotion also comes with the Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer, and the cards themselves only cost €0.60.

Before you opt-in, make sure to read the site's T&C's - for both promotions and general terms. Then, feel free to enjoy the vast selection of Halloween promotions Downtown Bingo prepare for this year.
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