Hug a Teddy Bear This Weekend at Cyber Bingo

Hug a Teddy Bear This Weekend at Cyber Bingo
Sometimes it's okay to go childish, as long as it doesn't involve having a tantrum in a shop and throwing yourself to the floor in a protest for not getting your favorite candy. But holding your old Teddy Bear as a way of invoking those most precious of memories - now that's just fine.

Bingo Tourney Like No Other:

Kicking off September in a rather innocent way is Cyber Bingo who has come up with something rather original this time. The Teddy Bear Tourney is taking place on September 9th and 10th...

...More precisely, it commences at 6 PM EDT in the USA Bingo room on Sunday, September 9th and again at 6 PM on Monday September 10th. The tournament is organized to honor the National Teddy Bear Day.

Win Teddy + Cash:

Special bingo games will be played twice per hour and for every win you will get one point on a leaderboard - the first prize is $100 in cash, plus a teddy bear. Teddy bears are also won for coming second and third, except you also win $50 and $25 in the form of a free play bonus, respectively.

Entry tickets cost only $1 and for every card you buy, you will get one free!

Time to Get Lucky:

Also, watch out for the site's space on Saturday, September 8th, because that's when Lucky Bingo games will present you with a chance of winning $1,000 in prizes...

...Three-part games of finding the right pattern all carry a significant cash prize. The games are played at 8 and 9 PM EDT in the Summer Bingo room. Entry cards for this also cost $1 only. If you purchase three tickets you will get 2 for free.
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