Land Based Bingo’ing

Sep 16, 2012
Land Based Bingo’ing
Yes, we all love our online bingo sites but sometimes you need to experience the real thing live and direct. Online bingo offers the convenience of playing from your cozy chair but land based bingo can be an unforgettable experience. Those that don't think that the words bingo and unforgettable belong in the same sentence have never seen what goes on at a bingo club.

First thing's first. Will it be electronic bingo or dabbing? From there you must find your lucky table. Once you find it, you will be furious should anyone dare sit there in the future. You may even find yourself asking them to move. If you don't you'll want to and may even sit across from them and spend the entire session staring them down. They'll likely not sit there again.

Now that seating is out of the way, all bingo players have their favorite callers. If you're anything like my mother-in-law, you will believe that some of them just won't allow you to win. You can bring along all the lucky charms you like but if the wrong caller is on stage, it's all over.

Let's go back to electronic bingo for a moment. Now, playing this way allows your eyes to wander. One of the perks of being live in a bingo hall is the people watching. You will have stories to tell, guaranteed. Maybe someone talks to an album filled with pictures of trains, rubs their stuffed animals as the numbers are called or even says four letter words each time a number is called that they don't need. Think that's a bit extreme? It certainly is but I've seen it.

It's the players that make our favorite game so entertaining. Land based bingo'ing is both extreme and unforgettable thanks to the crazy in us all.
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