Last Call For Paddy Power Bingo £7M Giveaway

Last Call For Paddy Power Bingo £7M Giveaway
With winter holidays just over and behind us, it may be difficult to keep the spirits high as we all descend from the festive clouds and go back to our respective duties. Not everything is bleak, however; there are still New Year's leftovers, memories of a great time we spent with friends and family – and Paddy Power Bingo's £7 Million Christmas Celebration Giveaway is still on!

That’s right; you still have time to make some drastic changes to your life, like winning a ridiculous sum of money, while playing bingo. All registered players can win cash prizes and other goodies until January 5th – so hurry up and get going while the going is good!

The promotion with guaranteed winnings is valid across numerous bingo rooms on site: Gold Room, Deal or No Deal 90 and 75 ball rooms, Diamond Room, Crystal Room and Rainbow Riches Room. The room with the most prizes is the Gold Room where the Premium Christmas portion of the promo is played, so that might be the one you'd like to focus on. The Gold Room and Deal or No Deal 90 ball room are the venues where the £1 Million Jackpot and Extra Escalator games are taking place from 6 PM until 23:30. No need to opt in, simply playing in those rooms until midnight on January 5th might land you the enormous cash prize.

Here is what you can still win on Premium Christmas, Extra Escalator and 1M Jackpot games:

Premium Christmas

A share of daily guaranteed game prizes between £50,000 and £75,000.

Extra Escalator & £1 Million Jackpots

Extra Escalator: the escalated jackpot amount which is guaranteed to trigger before 23:30.

£1 Million Jackpots: a share of the daily guaranteed jackpot prizes, adding up to £1 Million.

The Giveaway is playable via mobile devices, as well, with regular T&Cs applicable here as well. The promo is restricted to players from the UK and Ireland only.

Begin the new year on a high note – we wish you the best of luck!
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