Mega Merch, Gift Cards & Bonuses in National Bingo Day Promo

Mega Merch, Gift Cards & Bonuses in National Bingo Day Promo

Jam-Packed 24-hours of Activity

For one day and one day only, Tombola will be cramming in as many giveaways and freebies as they can to honour National Bingo Day. There will be more than 130 chances to win on June 27th with gift cards and enhanced chat bonuses up for grabs, plus, all chat winners will then go into an additional draw to bag themselves a mega merchandise package! Past items have included Tombola branded hoodies, cooking utensils, keyrings and even chocolate hampers!

The two part promotion takes place on Facebook and the bingo site with £1,200 of prizes to be won on social media between 10am and 10pm. That’s a chance to win one of 12 £100 voucher express gift cards in the hourly competitions. If you’re not a fan of the Facebook page, now would be a good time to give them a follow.

Snag Yourself More Than A Freebie

Between 12:15am and 11:15pm in the bingo90 rooms, there will be five chat questions every hour to win £2 bonus money. That’s enough for 20 tickets in the new Reel Bingo or 40 tickets in paper. Go grab a pen and paper or better still, bookmark this page because it has all the details you need to be a chat quiz winner…

…starting in the red room at 12:15am. Then it’s off to blue room at 1:30am before amber at 2:15am. Pink is next at 3:30am followed by lime at 4:15am. Lilac heads up the action at 5:30am shortly before yellow at 6:15am. It’s aquas turn at 7:30am then purple at 8:15am. Coral will feature questions at 9:30am then orange at 10:15am shortly before brown at 11:30am.

Bingo90 is a kaleidoscope of colour and Tombola are hinting at even more splashes of colour coming very soon! Will it be a new bingo variant or a new free game? The only thing we do know is “A lick of paint is coming soon!”

The remaining chat game schedule is as follows:

  • 12:15pm: Violet
  • 1:30pm: Green
  • 2:15pm: Jade
  • 3:30pm: Red
  • 4:15pm: Blue
  • 30pm: Amber
  • 6:15pm: Pink
  • 7:30pm: Lime
  • 8:15pm: Lilac
  • 9:30pm: Yellow
  • 10:15pm: Aqua
  • 11:15pm: Purple

Plus, on Monday 27th, the bingo link will get underway in the bingo90 room from 9pm. What is it? A bingo game played at 9pm and 9:30pm with £10K guaranteed in full house prizes. In each game! There are no pre-buy options, so unless you can make it on the night you won’t be able to take part. Tickets will set you back between 10p and £2. Plus, if you can call a full house in 40 calls or less, you’ll get the progressive bingo jackpot too!

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