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Kayleigh White

Growing up, Kayleigh always wanted to be an interior designer. Having a keen eye for detail and a way with a paintbrush only got her so far. What started out as helping a mate decorate a shop, turned into serving food and drink to hungry keyworkers for 5-years. Growing tired of the food industry, Kayleigh tried her hand at something new – creating content as a freelancer bingo writer.

The leap from food to bingo came when a chat host remarked on how great she was with helping players in the bingo rooms. If someone needed a little help, she was always there to offer assistance. It’s fair to say it’s taken a good few years to build up an understanding of the gambling industry and she can tell you just about anything – from bingo to live casino, sportsbook to slots, and she’s never far from a bingo/casino story breaking.

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