Mom Abandons Kids to Play Bingo

Mom Abandons Kids to Play Bingo
Claudia Leon-Vazquez, 29, was recently sentenced to six months in jail after she plead guilty to flitting off to bingo and leaving her four young children at home to fend for themselves.

Local police said that the four children, 2, 3, 6 and 7, were abandoned in Leon-Vazquez's apartment on March 21st. The police were conducting a welfare check when they found the four kids unattended and neglected. They appeared dirty and had noticeable bites and scratches on them. The eldest girl told police that their mother was out playing bingo.

Leon-Vazquez was alerted to the situation after a neighbor found her and brought her back. Their father arrived on the scene and was given custody of the children.

Ms. Leon-Vazquez has definitely given new meaning to irresponsible gambling.
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