NetEnt Throws Another Card Game on the Table

NetEnt Throws Another Card Game on the Table

A new month means a new game for NetEnt with the unveiling of its first-ever Baccarat live casino game. Boasting high-speed and engaging gameplay, the creators are expecting it to meet the demands for new game variants. A total of three tables have been developed; two in a live physical studio to deliver an authentic casino floor feeling with the third being a first-person style of play, where it’s just you and the table.

State-of-the-art chroma key technology has been utilised to its capacity to ensure operator partners have access to an affordable solution that can be altered to suit their brand. There are two cameras on each table allowing for customisable gameplay, each table welcomes an unlimited number of players and there are features which enable players to make the best possible betting choices (history of game etc).

What is Baccarat?

A series of product enhancing games have been released by NetEnt Live over the last 18-months, including a makeover of its studio, and as a result of this, they’ve witnessed substantial commercial growth, and it’s expected to continue what with the supplier only recently securing significant deals with partners in both Sweden and Lithuania.

Andres Rengifo, NetEnt Live Director said: “The launch of Baccarat will allow us to reach new players and support the needs of our partners for innovative game variants that attract a wider and more diverse audience. As part of our localisation strategy, Baccarat will complement our existing Blackjack and Roulette offering, expanding our footprint in the live casino sector.”

Never played Baccarat before? Not only is it simple to understand, but fun to play! There are just three possible outcomes with this type of casino vertical; a player win, a banker (doesn’t mean the house) win or a tie! To the left of the table is the player section to the right is the banker. Bets must be placed on either of these before the cards are dealt. Both the player and the banker are dealt two cards from the ‘shoe,’ the person with the hand as close to or on 9 points as possible, will win. If both banker and the player have the same value, then tie wins.

Picture cards and tens are worth zero points, Ace is valued at 1 point with remaining cards all being their face value. If you have a hand of a 10 of spades and an 8 of diamonds, your hand would be worth 8 points. And to make it more interesting, you can only bet on one outcome per round! Until Live Speed Baccarat goes ‘live,’ there are plenty of thrills to be had with Grand Baccarat at Buzz Bingo.

Source: “NetEnt Live Diversifies Portfolio with Baccarat Addition”. NetEnt. November 2, 2020.

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