New ‘Must be Won’ Bingo Jackpots from Play OJO Bingo

New ‘Must be Won’ Bingo Jackpots from Play OJO Bingo

One Room, Three Pots, All Guaranteed to Drop Daily!

What’s better than a must drop jackpot? Three must drop jackpots and that’s exactly what you get with the new ‘Drop Pots’ feature from Play OJO Bingo. They say good things come in threes, and to celebrate the arrival of the new bingo room, they are guaranteeing jackpots will be won every day – multiple times a day! Mini, midi and maxi pots are something you’re probably familiar with when it comes to Mega Moolah slots from Microgaming, but OJO wanted to put their own spin on it by adding a bingo twist. Instead of winning randomly by spinning the reels of some slot, you can win randomly by playing bingo!

That’s not all! Alongside the new bingo jackpots, a prize fund of £7K will be won from the bingo games too and with tickets starting at just 2p each and never going beyond 20p a ticket, it’s a room for all budgets, both big and small!

How Does it Work?

Mini Pot – It may be the smallest jackpot of the three but isn’t there a saying “big things come in small packages”. This particular jackpot can be won multiple times a day and if it isn’t won, Play OJO Bingo will increase the number of calls to ensure there is a winner. This means the chances of winning the mini pot increase with each game.

Midi Pot – The pot of cash greater than the mini but smaller than the maxi! The Midi Pot jackpot increases by one ball call every three games, only unlike the mini pot, if it’s not won by 8pm, you will need to come back the next day. The rules state this pot is seeded at £300 and can be won several times a day.

Maxi Pot – The grandest of guaranteed to drop jackpots! The Maxi Pot is the big one with a jackpot starting at a whopping £700, a sum that is guaranteed to be won once a day, every day! To win, call house within 34 calls. If nobody manages to do that, the ball count goes up by 5 ball calls after each game starting at 9pm. Once the ball count starts to tick over, the pot is guaranteed to be won daily by 10pm.

Impressive stuff from Play OJO Bingo! And you know what else is impressive? The 100 chances to win £100 promo and it gets underway shortly! From September 23rd for 10-days straight, there will be 10 bingo games playing every half hour with pots of cash for the one-line, two lines, a full house and 1TG players! The 100 chances bingo room opens at 7:15pm sharp with tickets costing just 15p each. This special 90-ball bingo game awards £10 prizes for the line, £15 for the two lines and £40 for the full house. There is also a 1TG feature where £35 will be split between all ticketholders with at least one 1TG at the end of the game.

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