Online Bingo Slot Player’s Unforgettable First Time

Online Bingo Slot Player’s Unforgettable First Time
For the die-hard online bingo player, straying away to play the slots offered is a adventurous change of pace, especially when it's your first time ever spinning. There is something to be said about “beginners luck” as Annemarie S can proudly attest.

For this lucky player she broke the routine of playing bingo to check out the slots and settled on playing Tiki Temple. It is a 5 reel, 20 payline jungle theme adventure slot offering exciting bonus rounds. If players can make it into the temple at the end of bonus play they win the jackpot.

Little did she know a mega fortune was about to be bestowed. In utter amazement the lucky lady won a whopping jackpot worth £25,000. What not a better place to win it then JackpotJoy for a jackpot worth being joyful over. With just a mere £10 deposit and a newbie slot player Annemarie was definitely in the right place at the right time. She plans on treating herself to a brand new car with her instant wealth.

“I was so happy, shocked, surprised, amazed and totally over the moon with this win,” said 'Annemarie S'.

“It has been my first ever, ever, ever win because I have never played before and still cannot believe that I have won. I won over £25,000 with just one ten-pound deposit and it's totally amazing.

“Thank you so much, who has shown and proven that things like this can happen to everyone as it happened to me.”

Slots are just one example of the variety of games that are available at JackpotJoy. As for the lucky winner, she more then likely will expand her playing time to other casino games as well. Can lightening strike twice for the jackpot winner?
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