Play $1,500 Halloween Pokies At Bingo Australia

Play $1,500 Halloween Pokies At Bingo Australia
Well, folks, the wait is over – Halloween is officially here, as we prepare to bid farewell to October and let darker days creep into our homes, bringing cozy, warm evenings and a ghost or a ghoul here and there. Have you finished your costume preparations? Are the sacks and bags filled with candy? Good.

That means you can now devote your time to some last minute bingo festivities, marking the year's darkest and scariest holiday. So, here's an idea: why not hop over to Bingo Australia, matey, since there is definitely going to be some shrimp on the, along with some hair-raising "pokies" action!

Spine-Chilling Spins

Therefore, let's get that awkward terminology doubt out of the way first: pokies are what slots are called Down Under, which all of you Bruces (anyone remembers the Monty Python "Bruce" sketch?) know of course, but people outside Australia probably don't...

That's what it's all about at the $1,500 Hair-raising Halloween Slots Tournaments – and you know you better hurry... seriously, we mean it! This fantastic promotion is about to expire on October 31st, so you have just about two days left to sign in and appreciate the fun.

What this promo offers is a slot tourney at its best, where every day (until 31st, that is) three highest-ranked participants will win some pretty awesome cash prizes...

...first place will win $150 big ones, second place wins $75 in cash and 3rd place - $25 real money.

And HOW do you end up at the best possible ranking? By wagering on featured slots, of course: you get 5 points for every $10 wagered, 3 points for $10 wagered on any other Mobilots game or 3D slot, and 1 point for every $20 wagered on Parlay titles. The tourney also comes with three random draw contests and 3 top player contests!

Chat While You're Winning

While that may be it for the slots tourney, stay put and don't go anywhere as Bingo Australia is not quite done with unique offers this Halloween season...

... they've also lined up something mighty cool for all you chatterboxes out there – the $5,000 Hallo-Win Chat Week which also ends on 31st, so 'get a move on' would be the universal message of advice we're trying to get across here.

This chat game offer consists of Trick or Treat cash games Reeses, Candy Apple, and Snickers which are paying $5,000 in guaranteed cash in main rooms only. You need to look for special patterns while in chat and yell (or rather, type) 'trick or treat' before the next game starts.

To spice things up, watch out for some spooky words that will pop up without you knowing, and try to come up with a sentence using that word – if you manage to be the quickest of the lot, you can win a $5 BingoBucks extra.

Both of these promotions are bound by one universal rule: you check out both promotions' unique terms and conditions AND the general T&C's for the website – trust us, it can save you a lot of aggro. Have fun!
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