Race For 2 Million On Bingo Fabulous Begins!

Race For 2 Million On Bingo Fabulous Begins!
There's going to be a lot, and we mean A LOT Thanksgiving promos as November marches in, so we'll get back to turkey-carving activities in just a moment. For now, it's nice to take a break from all that fuss and go for some non-themed offers that are still to be found out there, if you keep an eye out…

Who Wants To Be a...

We know WE have kept our eye out for sure and a little birdie told us there's something interesting brewing over at Bingo Fabulous, a dashing lilliputian bingo site with a huge heart.

In addition, what we're about to disclose is happening every month, so you needn't worry you will miss it. Simply log in once a month, fund yourself with plenty of cash and give it a shot at The 2 Million Loyalty Points Race!

Here is a couple of commandments closely related to this major race, as well as the criteria you need to reach in order to participate...

...for one, you can win leaderboard points multiple ways: either by wagering £1 on 90-ball bingo (this will get you one very modest point) or by playing bingo on the number 2, which will up the game significantly and award you with 5 points. Also, you could deposit a total of £50 on a daily basis and this will round it off nicely to admirable 10 points.

If you manage to bingo on the pound sign pattern - well, that's when you get 25 points! Still, to remind us that friendship is the most valuable thing on Earth, especially when it comes to awarding points, your successful referral of a friend wins you whopping 100 points!

Sharing Is Caring

Another rule: there will be a total of 40 winners per month and they will all get a varying amount of loyalty points, according to the ranking:

1st place will get 300,000 loyalty points

2nd place gets 250,000

3rd place - 150,000

4th - 100,000

5th to 10th places - 75,000

11th to 40th places - 25,000

Exactly, it's all fun and games for sure - and they get repeated every 30 days, just like that - but we implore you, don't forget to get acquainted with Bingo Fabulous' general terms and conditions, as well as those specific rules, applied especially to this particular promotion.

They don't call it Fabulous for no reason - this sheer amount of points would take ages to win the "regular" fashion, so boost your VIP levels the speedy way!

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