Rank Group Launches Electronic Only Bingo Club

Apr 07, 2013
Rank Group Launches Electronic Only Bingo Club
Rank Group, owner of Mecca Bingo, is casting its net to pull in a wider range of players including the twenty something males with a new electronic only bingo club.

The new wave of bingo is being tested out at the Reading location. Players play bingo on electronic tablets for a hands free experience.

Rank Group believes that there are opportunities to welcome in new players by implementing more electronic bingo options.

“The electronic gaming has definitely got an appeal to the under-35s,” said Ian Burke, Rank chairman and chief executive. It seems that even the younger male generation are drawn to electronic bingo.

Burke said, “Electronic gaming offers all sorts of additional benefits to players. I wouldn't describe our handheld devices as an iPad, but it's the same principle. Like many people, three years ago I would never have imagined iPads being as popular or as successful as they are.

“A lot of people love the tactile aspect of playing bingo with paper and pen and I imagine that will be around for a long, long time to come. But playing bingo electronically is much more akin to playing it on the internet except it's done in a social and community setting.”
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