Shout 'Show Me The Money' To Win £1k At Bringo Bingo

Shout 'Show Me The Money' To Win £1k At Bringo Bingo
Catchy movie phrases that entered our everyday vocabulary are often the easiest way of expressing one's emotional states, especially while winning a huge cash prize! To clarify, we'd like to bring to your attention perhaps an unusual, but actually a quite fun way of increasing your home's budget...

Presenting: Pure Gravy

Now that we've sparked your interest, it's time to reveal more details about Bringo Bingo's weekly 75-ball raffle - Show Me The Money. That's right, the game has been appropriately titled according to its nature, since it carries not one, but five staggering cash prizes for anyone who joins on Fridays between 7 PM and 11 PM.

However, the promotion is available to funded players only, meaning that a deposit in the last 6 days is sort of a prerequisite to successfully participate. Terms and conditions apply, so check out any additional rules of the game before opting in.

Shout To The Crowd!

If you're still not sure how to claim your prizes or what to do after hitting 1TG or 2TG respectively, here's a hint: stand on stage and simply shout to the crowd: 'Show Me The Money!' The pot can be cleaned up each Friday from 7 PM... but make sure to collect your 0p cards in the lobby first!

So, with no end date, we reckon this promotion is an exceptionally good method of earning the extra buck or quid, and here's some details about the bonanza, whose prize fund grows (or decreases) hour by hour:

  • FH winners can bag between £500 and £750 in cash, depending on the hour they join

  • 1TG champs are in for a chance to earn between £300 and £150

  • While 2TG enthusiasts must satisfy their appetite with prizes ranging from £200 to £100

Of course, should there be more than one lucky participant, an equal split of the cash alternative will be shared 24 hours of the game finishing.

To summarize, if you've topped your account at Bringo Bingo in the last 6 days, go and have a blast while yelling "Show Me Some Cash!"... or money, it's the same thing.

Good luck, LBB-ers!
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