Slotland Entertainment Launches Ether.LOTTO, A Revolutionary Lottery Experience

Slotland Entertainment Launches Ether.LOTTO, A Revolutionary Lottery Experience

Forget the ordinary. Slotland Entertainment has unveiled ether.LOTTO, an innovative lottery redefining how we play and win, with a model ensuring perpetual participation. This unique approach means you’re always in the game, promising a new way to play and win forever.

Why Ether.LOTTO Stands Out

Perpetual Play: Buy a ticket once and stay in the game indefinitely. Even if you win, your ticket remains in the pool, giving you endless opportunities.

Provably Fair: Powered by the Ethereum blockchain and Provably Fair technology, each draw is verifiable for randomness and fairness, ensuring transparent outcomes.

Hefty Prizes: The Jackpot starts at 2.4 ETH and grows over time, offering potentially sky-high rewards.

Instead of the typical buy-and-lose scenario, imagine the thrill of knowing that the next draw, or the one after, could be your lucky break. With ether.LOTTO, the excitement never ends.

The Mechanics of Ether.LOTTO

Ether.LOTTO operates as a provably fair, perpetual lottery on the Ethereum blockchain. Compete for a 2.4 ETH jackpot or other substantial prizes of 1.0 ETH, 0.5 ETH, and 0.3 ETH. Here’s how it works:

Buy NFT Tickets: Each ticket, priced at 0.025 ETH, participates in all future draws. Buy once, and keep winning forever. To maximize your chances for the jackpot, owning at least three tickets is recommended.

Merge Your Tickets: You can merge tickets up to level 8. Higher-level tickets have a greater chance of winning. Merging tickets increases their levels, enhancing your odds significantly.

Check for Winnings: A draw takes place for every 100 tickets sold, making it time to sit back and wait for a winning email. Three tickets are randomly selected, awarding prizes of 1 ETH, 0.5 ETH, and 0.3 ETH. If one account holds all three winning tickets, the jackpot of 2.4 ETH is claimed.

When the jackpot isn’t won, 0.6 ETH is added to the progressive pool, allowing for even larger future wins.

Ticket Overview

  1. Crystal: The central feature of each ticket, with random shapes and up to eight colors based on levels.
  2. Level: Higher levels increase winning chances. Tickets start at level 1 and can reach level 8 through merging.
  3. Colors: Each ticket has distinct colors for merging, ensuring uniqueness.
  4. Ticket Number: A unique identifier for each ticket, distinguishing it even among similar crystals.
  5. QR Code: Scan to access ticket details on the ether.LOTTO site.

Maximize Your Winning Chances

Each draw awards three prizes: 1 ETH, 0.5 ETH, and 0.3 ETH. If one ether.LOTTO account holds all three drawn tickets, the jackpot is won. The jackpot starts at 2.4 ETH and increases by 0.6 ETH each time it isn’t hit.

Merging tickets not only boosts your chances but also maximizes potential winnings. Higher-level tickets have significantly higher winning probabilities, as detailed below:

  • Level 1: 1x chance
  • Level 2: 3x chance
  • Level 3: 5x chance
  • Level 4: 7x chance
  • Level 5: 9x chance
  • Level 6: 11x chance
  • Level 7: 14x chance
  • Level 8: 20x chance

Apart from standard Ethereum network fees, merging tickets incurs no additional charges. Reward Tickets can only be merged when combined with at least one purchased ether.LOTTO ticket.

Why Some Tickets Are Disabled When Merging

Tickets sharing any identical colors cannot be merged. Ensure all colors across merging tickets are unique. Reward Tickets are inactive in ether.LOTTO draws but can be merged with purchased tickets to upgrade levels and increase winning chances.

Burning Tickets for Extra Opportunities

Decide not to continue participating in ether.LOTTO? You can burn your tickets, converting them into Jackpot Tokens (JT) for use in the Jackpot Trigger slot game at, which offers a $1,000,000 jackpot. Each ticket level converts to an equivalent number of Jackpot Tokens, providing another chance to win big.

Burning is cost-free, though Ethereum network fees apply. Approval for the transaction in your wallet is required.

Experience the thrill of perpetual play and the fairness of blockchain technology with ether.LOTTO. 

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