Spend Your Halloween at South Beach Bingo

Spend Your Halloween at South Beach Bingo
Well, here we are: October is alive and well and has been with us for some time now already. And apart of colder days and longer nights, what's that special thing going on that we really, really like?

That is correct: it's the month of Halloween and the spooky celebration/holiday is everyone's favorite. Kids get their sweet treats during the trick or treating when they dress up in cute little scary outfits. Adults adopt more daring costumes and have the party of their own...

...And South Beach Bingo, well... for them and other bingo sites, the work is just beginning as this marks the busiest period of the year for all of them.

Spooky Games and Giveaways:

There are so many of those that there are too many to mention in just one go, but we'll do our best. For starters, there's the Trick or Treat 10,000 Giveaway with a grand prize of, you guessed it - €10,000...

...This exciting and, most of all, fun offer lasts until October 31st. The first prize is €10,000 in cash and on a weekly basis there will be 66% creepy cashbacks, 66 free chips, 66 extra spins and an Amazon gift card worth €600. Do we see a pattern here?

To participate, you need to deposit at least €50 and for every €1 wagered on bingo or €10 wagered on slots you will be awarded one raffle point. At the end of each week, a raffle will determine daily top 5 players who earned most points and they will be entered into the prize draw.

Be Quick or Be Dead:

Another promo, taking place until October 14th, is Spooky Speed Games. You can pre-buy tickets for this and join selected rooms to play Spooky 5 games.

In the Dollar Room, between 7 and 9 PM, you can play for a prize fund of €1,066 on every 5th call. In the Supernova Room, between 9 and 11 PM, there's also a prize of €1,066 on every 5th call.

If you're truly into late, late night frights, join the Bingo Cafe room between 3 and 5 AM for a game that dishes out €566 on every 5th call. Finally, the Desperate Housewives Room gives away €366 on every 5th call between 3 and 5 PM.


Got you! Until October 31st, there's the Boo Bingo promo with double BBs as a main prize. All you need to do is hit bingo on the letter B or O and get your portion of Bingo Bucks...

...The game is being played in the Dollar, Desperate Housewives, Bingo Cafe, Quarters, Nickels and Game of Thrones rooms.

As enticing and alluring Halloween bingo may be, we urge you not to rush - not before you've read promotions' terms and conditions and also at least get a general knowledge of South Beach Bingo's full T&C's. Good luck!

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