Virgin Bingo Changes Welcome Bonus

Sep 20, 2012
Virgin Bingo Changes Welcome Bonus
Virgin Bingo has made a change to the deposit bonus offer for new players. Under the old Welcome Bonus offer, new players who deposited a minimum of £10 were given £25 free when the deposit was spent on the purchase of bingo tickets which meant a 250% bonus. As of 18th September 2012, the sign up bonus offer has dropped down to a 100% bonus on initial deposits. Wait, don't be disappointed yet.

The percentage on first deposits has dropped but the maximum bonus amount has increased. With the old deal, players would not receive the 250% bonus on any amount greater than £10. Depositing a larger amount would not give you a greater bonus. You would be given no more than £25.

Under the new deal, Virgin Bingo has raised the maximum bonus which is now £50. The minimum deposit is still £10 giving you £10 free with the new Welcome Bonus.

The initial thought is that the reduction is a negative which makes this move by Virgin Bingo so news worthy. Although the bonus percentage had been reduced, the maximum bonus amount you are eligible has increased. Is this a step in the right direction for Virgin Bingo? You decide.
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