Win a Home Gym Worth £2,500 with the Butler, Who Else?

Win a Home Gym Worth £2,500 with the Butler, Who Else?

You either love them or hate them, but the excitement provided is irrefutable! We’re talking increasing ball count promotions where a generous prize (big cash or physical prizes) are offered, but you can’t win until you call house within the stated ball count! But to help you along, the ball count will increase over the course of the promotion and this guarantees there to be a winner!

We’re all being told that healthy eating and exercise are the key to great mental health and general wellbeing, and this is very true, but gym equipment is not exactly cheap and I don’t know about you, but I just don’t fancy rocking up to my local gym and getting all hot and sweaty in front of so many people! The Butler understands and has decided to do all he can to help one lucky bingo player get their daily steps in by giving away a home personal gym!

The win a gym promotion is well underway over at Butlers Bingo and…

…while many of the players have been ‘sweating’ for one number to win, the star prize is yet to be won! Brilliant news for me and you roomies! These special bingo games will be played up until August 29th and one lucky dabber is guaranteed to win a £2,500 gym voucher (or real cash if you prefer), to help kit out your home with everything you need!

What makes this promotion even more special is the fact you can win prizes even if you don’t manage to call house on the main prize! Every one of the games features in-game prizes such as a full house and, if that gym voucher hasn’t been won by August 29th, they guarantee it will be won in the final game!

As of Sunday August 9th, the ball count was 45, CH-Milly kindly provided me with the details when I was dabbing away in the Friendship room. Based on that, you would need to call house within 45 calls to win the stated full house prize and the gym voucher (or cash if you prefer!).

Other Promotions

Butlers Bingo offers great value for money bingo games 24/7 and this month, there is a guaranteed prize pool of £25,500 to be won in just one promo – the summer bingo promo. Twenty games are scheduled to run from midday to midnight each day up until August 16th and with tickets starting at just 5p, there’s no reason why we can’t all join in!

The end of August is set to be a scorcher with a red-hot cash pot up for grabs! From August 28th to 30th, more than fifty grand will be won in guaranteed games between 11am and 11pm; £50,271 to be precise, with tickets starting at just 5p! The bingo games schedule for this one is as follows:

  • Friendship Room: £12,750 guaranteed on Friday, £12,750 guaranteed on Saturday and £12,750 guaranteed on Sunday.

  • Sapphire Room: £2,007 guaranteed on Friday, £2,007 guaranteed on Saturday and £2,007 guaranteed on Sunday.

  • Rainbow Room: £2,000 guaranteed on Friday, £2,000 guaranteed on Saturday and £2,000 guaranteed on Sunday.

Other promos include slot sprints where you can win bonus spins, bingo bonuses and cash for playing selected casino games (the new Diamond Inferno release was the game of choice last weekend), and then there are free bingo games as well as super links and jackpot games!

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