Safer Gambling Verification Experience for UK Players

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Mar 15, 2024
Safer Gambling Verification Experience for UK Players

Proving you have sufficient income to fund your current level of online gambling may be required at some point, and while this may seem alarming, it is a requirement by UK law!

Age restrictions are placed on gambling as well as taking a practical driving test or purchasing lottery tickets. Online bingo and casino operators are required to verify our identity through a process known as KYC verification. In addition to ‘know your customer’ checks, one’s income can also be called into question as part of Safer Gambling procedures. Have you ever been asked to provide proof of income to gamble online?

“No Warning of Restrictions!”

One day you may log into your online bingo or casino account and find that you are unable to make deposits and this may be due to player protection procedures, but what are they? Player protection procedures are implemented across the board to ensure you play (wager) at a pace within your means. For example, Daily Record Bingo, (among other Jumpman Gaming websites, will trigger this feature if they think you are depositing too frequently and/or spending too much money. If you find this limit is imposed on your account, it will be the same for all other websites across the network.

If you can afford to deposit more and have reached your deposit limit threshold, you can contact the support teams with evidence.

Q: What evidence do I have to show I have the means to gamble online?

A: Proof of income must include a recent payslip or bank statement.

“My Income Is None of Your Business!”

Providing source of income/funds evidence (SOF) may seem alarming but it is required by law. Operators can impose limits on your account(s) until you supply the relevant information by way of bank statements. As a bingo player, I have supplied this information numerous times. In some cases, I was also questioned over the number of gambling related transactions appearing in my statements…

…however, due to having responsible gambling limits in place (for a fun and safe experience) and an income that surpassed my responsible gambling limits, the operators removed the “game freeze” from my account.

Q: What’s a game freeze?

A: Game freeze is a protective tool that allows you to access your account, but deposits, withdrawals and gameplay are restricted – whether that be real money or free play.

“You May Be Questioned!”

you-may-be-questionedIf limits have been imposed on your account, you may be sent a questionnaire by the support team. The following is a sample of the questions presented, each of which must be answered before the operator will consider reinstating your account.

  • Are you comfortable with your current level of play?
  • Do you have any illnesses which could affect your decision making?
  • Are you on any medication that could also affect your decision making?
  • Do you stay away from work or social activities to deliberately gamble?
  • Have you borrowed or stolen money to gamble with?
  • Do you chase your losses? Gamble more money in the belief that you will win back what you have or originally lost?
  • When you have run out of money do you feel angry?
  • Do you set aside money purely for gambling purposes?
  • Do you distance yourself away from commitments, family and/or friends because of gambling?
  • Do you feel depressed or suicidal because of your gambling?

If the support team believes you cannot afford to gamble with your current income, you will no longer be able to deposit at your current levels.

The UKGC offers resources including guides and tools to maintain safety and manage your online gambling activity.

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