Bingo Chat Etiquette – What Does it Mean, and Do We Need to Use It?

Bingo Chat Etiquette – What Does it Mean, and Do We Need to Use It?

Are you new to online bingo and are a little dumbfounded by the chat feature? If so, you’re not alone! I’ve been playing online bingo for a long time and I still get confused by some of the terms used in chat. Overall, the bingo community is friendly and popular, and this means lots of players chatting over each other, so when bingo reaches peak time, there are various messages crossing over in quick succession and it can lead to a bit of a headache when it comes to understanding the terms!

The last thing you want to do is to switch off the chat because this is where those fun-filled chat games take place. If the chat is off, you’ll miss out on extra chances to win little bingo bonuses. Online bingo etiquette is simple to understand, and all players must follow it at all times; if you don’t, you’ll find yourself on the chat ban list or even worse – suspended!

First thing’s first, you need to respect the chat moderator (aka CM or CH for chat hosts). The friendly CM’s are there to welcome players, answer simple bingo related queries and provide a fun environment for all. If you get into difficulty, you can ask for help by typing CM (or CH depending on the bingo site), but remember, you will be posting your query into a public chat box, so don’t go posting anything sensitive or personal. Chat hosts can answer basic queries, for anything complex such as withdrawals or account verification, you will need to reach out to the support teams via the routes listed.

Think Before You Send

You should always be respectful to other players and always re-read what you’re typing before you send it, because it could be misinterpreted and therefore result in action being taken. All chat members are looking to engage in conversion or get a bit of company, so nobody should feel uncomfortable. No language – that’s a big NO-NO and this includes masked language; terms used to mask a swear word or offensive statement.

Capital letters is seen as SHOUTING! You will be warned to stop, if you fail to adhere to the request, you’ll be booted from chat – ouch!

Onto the Bingo Lingo

If I was to ask you what the abbreviation WDW meant, would you know? What about LOL or BB? If you’re unsure, then this up to date list of bingo chat terms (aka bingo lingo) is especially for you, but before that, WDW means well doe winner, LOL means laugh out loud and BB means best bingo.

1TG, 2TG, 3TG etc are statements players make to show how many numbers they need to win; 1TG being one to go, 2TG being two to go and so on! So, if you were waiting on numbers 7 and 11 for the full house, you may want to let your fellow roomies know you’re close.

“BTW I’m just nipping off 4 a cuppa, I’ll BRB – GLA!” Don’t worry, my dog didn’t just walk over my keyboard, it’s a shortened way of saying; “By the way, I’m just nipping off for a cup of tea, I’ll be right back – good luck all!”

TY is posted a lot in chat, so too is WDW and these terms simply mean thank you and well-done winner. WB is what they say when they’re welcoming someone back into the room (WB = welcome back) and JP is one we all want to see posted next to our names; jackpot!

If you’re having a bit of a laugh, you could use the term LOL or ROFL, which simply means laugh out loud and rolls on floor laughing. Now, another term we see a lot is NC or FGS; two terms associated with the serial moaners and yes, they come in droves! Bingo is a game of chance, there is no skill involved and you’re not guaranteed a win, but a handful of players think they should be winning after all, and when they don’t, that’s when we start to see an influx of the two terms, which mean ‘no chance’ and ‘for god sake’.

Kelly’s Eye – What’s That?

Another major part of the bingo community are various terms associated with different numbers; some funny and easy to understand and others not so PC - two fat ladies 88 for example. There are many different references to different numbers, the most iconic are Kelly’s eye which is number 1, one little duck which is number 2 as it resembles a duck, lucky number 7, the PM’s (Prime Minister’s) den is number 10 and top of the shop is 90. Simple!

Do We Need to Use Bingo Lingo?

Simply put; NO! Bingo lingo is a rather lazy way of typing to be honest (tbh), but players rather use it as it’s quicker to type than the correct way of spelling. Shortened words and terms and popular among young adults who use smartphones with predictive text. It’s very rare I see people chatting with bingo lingo nowadays, because more and more people are struggling to understand what it means.

Knowing what terms mean what is vital if you’re to stand any chance of winning a bingo chat game, because most chat hosts like to shorten words or hold quizzes on this type of subject and it’s not always the fastest finger wins.

Whether you know the terms or not and regardless of whether you use them or not, this will have no impact on whether you win or lose when playing bingo! Recently, a friend of mine admitted she has swerved playing online bingo because of one simple thing – and I thought she meant online security, but it was because of the chat feature! When I told her that this is there only if you want to use it and that the bingo lingo is not a requirement to learn, she felt rather silly!

If you’d rather not chat, you can always try your luck with the side games or huge selection of slots and casino games. The latest slot to hit the bingo scene is Return of Kong Megaways with its huge number of ways to win – up to 117,649 to be exact!

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