Bingo Newbie Scoops £50K on The National Bingo Game

Bingo Newbie Scoops £50K on The National Bingo Game

Fifty-Ball Bingo With Big Prize Money

Is beginner’s luck even a thing? I mean, do new bingo players actually win more than their rivals who play week in week out? Many believe this to be the case, especially one mother of three from Cardiff who bagged a £50K jackpot just 3-weeks into playing bingo! The Welsh woman couldn’t believe her luck on Thursday when all of her numbers came out almost one after the other. Calling full house, Julie didn’t realise she had won a mega cash sum until the ticket was verified by staff.

The National Bingo Game is a linked-up bingo game played throughout the UK with a three-tier jackpot system and guaranteed full house in every club. Being a 50-ball bingo game there is just the one prize in each game – the full house, with only 10 numbers needed for that win. If you can call a full house in 24 numbers or less, you get £100 on top of the stated winnings. Call in 20 numbers or less for an additional £1K but call in 16 numbers or less and you’ll get an extra £50K! And that’s exactly what Julie did!

Never in A Million Years

Having only started playing bingo 3-months ago, Julie initially thought she may have won £15K but was gob smacked when the true value of her win was revealed. While everyone was applauding the winner, all she could think about was that it must have been a mistake– even when the bingo caller congratulated her, she decided to wait and see what would be sent to her bank. Now that the £50K is in her bank, the winner is said to be in absolute shock.

“My daughter was asking what I'm going to do with the moneyand I said I was going to get a tattoo, buy a mattress, and get the garden done. She was laughing and pointed out that all those would only take up a few thousand and what was I going to do with the rest of it,” Julie said. “I did not know you could win money like this before starting to play, £50,000 is beyond my wildest dreams. Since joining the club I have made so many friends it is such a great community here.”

Cardiff Club 3000 Bingo Manager, Colin Russell, said: “The atmosphere in the club was electric, all the customers burst into applause and started cheering, the mood in club was very much uplifting, which was wonderful, nights like these is what makes bingo so special, we are so happy for Julie and her family we will be celebrating with a party on 9th June where Julie will receive her cheque presentation."

Source: Cardiff Woman Wins £50,000 on the Bingo and Plans to Spend it on a New Mattress, Getting the Garden Done, and A Tattoo. Wales Online. May 30, 2022.

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