Bingo Player Taken in by High Interest Loans

Bingo Player Taken in by High Interest Loans
No one is safe from the tempting high interest loans offered by lenders and a bingo player is no exception. In the UK, one pensioner's bingo addiction caused her to be taken in by such loans.

Doris Chambers, 63, lost her job and found online bingo. She had luck in the beginning but that luck soon turned to desperation. She got involved with lenders who naturally wanted to get paid. Unable to pay, Chambers sold an investment property in secret just before filing for bankruptcy.

Newcastle Judge, Brian Forster said, “This case must stand as a warning to the public of the dangers of becoming obsessed with online and other gambling.

“Your gambling seemed to be just out of control. You lived in the hope, like others, that there would be some great jackpot but there was to be none.”

Filing for bankruptcy involves certain routine checks and the sale of her property was found during one of these checks. Chambers was soon arrested and authorities found that she had paid out £35,000 to lenders from the sale of her investment property.

Her 8 month jail sentence was suspended and Judge Forster said, “The offence is serious and strikes at our system but I accept the explanation for what took place.”

Admitting to her crimes, the shock of these events has put her gambling to a stop according to her attorney, Richard Copsey.
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