Buzz Bingo Coventry Granted 24-Hour Gambling License After Concerns Were Dropped

Buzz Bingo Coventry Granted 24-Hour Gambling License After Concerns Were Dropped

Approval for a 24/7 gambling facility at a Coventry bingo site have been given the green light after concerns over the impact of gambling on residents were dropped. Right at the last minute, residents who had previously expressed their concerns dropped the complaints which allowed for the plans to go ahead.

Previously, Buzz Bingo on Radford Road only had a license which allowed it to open between 10am and midnight Monday to Saturday and from midday until midnight on Sundays.

Changes to the layout are to be made…

…starting with the casino games area with a focus of being open 24/7. This prompted many residents to voice their fears over antisocial behaviour, what with the location of the venue being slap bang in the middle of a residential area.

Noise at night, litter, parking on residential roads, drinking and smoking at the front of premises were among those concerns being raised. The council’s licensing committee were due to hear application concerns last week. However, this was cancelled after discussions were made between the applicant and the objector just a few days before the hearing.

Slots Around the Clock

Approval (subject to conditions) for the 24-hour gambling area has now been given the go ahead which means access to many slots around the clock for those looking for late-night entertainment.

A spokesman for Buzz Bingo said: “We can confirm that an application was filed to extend the license of our Coventry Savoy club as well as minor structural changes to the club’s slot machine area and reception within the building, as part of our long-term plan.At Buzz Bingo we work closely with our communities and neighbours to offer the best possible experience for our players while ensuring a level of respect is maintained for all.”

Conditions agreed will require customers…

…as well as staff, to park in a designated car park. The location will be away from residents parking. Signs “asking customers and staff to respect their neighbours” will be placed in the reception area for all to see. 

Other actions to be carried out will include the use of even more signage, this time for smokers. Members wishing to alight will be required to use the rear smoking garden until 10:30pm. From then on in, they can smoke out the front in the residential street. Not sure this one is going to go down well.

Current gaming legislation states that bingo games on the premises must not be offered between midnight and 9am, but when it comes to gaming machines in bingo halls, there are no restrictions.

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