Couple Win $37m & Turn Up For Work The Next Day!

Couple Win $37m & Turn Up For Work The Next Day!

A woman who nipped to her local supermarket when she got those sweet treat cravings is now a multi-millionaire after purchasing a Lotto ticket on a whim.

You know how it goes, you go shopping and say to yourself “I’m not going to buy anything naughty today,” but by the time you get home you wish you hadn’t listened to your earlier ‘healthy eating’ self…

…and that’s exactly what a woman from New Zealand did recently, and I bet she’s mighty glad she did! The woman and her husband from Paraparaumu have now become one of New Zealand’s biggest Lotto game winners after claiming $37.125 million on the Powerball last Wednesday – the third largest prize won by a single ticket in Lotto New Zealand’s history.

So, who is she?

The winner wishes to remain anonymous but that hasn’t stopped her from spilling the beans on her win. Reports in the local media suggest the couple only ever buy Lotto tickets when the jackpot is over $30 million, but what makes their win even more unbelievable is not the fact the lucky lady only purchased the ticket last minute while purchasing treats, but after winning the life-changing sum, both of them showed up for work!

Would you still clock in after winning the lottery? Let us know below!

“I was on my way home after work and was craving a chocolate bar, so I quickly popped into the supermarket,” the woman said, “While I was there, I noticed the high jackpot and thought I’d grab a Lucky Dip at the same time.” Next thing she knew her husband was waking her up with the news they had just won more than $30 million!

“I was still up and scrolling online – trying to catch some footage of the women’s World Cup,” the man said. “I came across a newsitem about the jackpot being struck in Kāpiti, along with a list of the winning numbers. So, I grabbed our ticket and began matching our numbers against the winning ones. It slowly dawned on me that one of our lines seemed to have all the winning numbers – including the Powerball. I couldn’t believe it!”

The lucky unnamed husband continued: “It was well after ten by this time, and I was in such a rush to show my wife that I stumbled down the hall in the dark to wake her up.”

It wasn’t long before the couple burst into tears, and even after a restless night the pair still showed up for work the next day! “We were both at work the next day,” the man said. “I had a lot of meetings, but it was easy to get through them knowing I had this winning ticket! Our children were just as emotional when we told them the next day,” the woman said. “They were non-stop crying and so happy for us.”

Source: “Burst Into Tears: Couple Win $37m Lotto Prize, Still Show Up To Work Next Day”NewstalkZB. August 21, 2023.

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