Crack The Code For A Share Of £10,000 At Butler's Bingo

Crack The Code For A Share Of £10,000 At Butler's Bingo
Attention, all investigators! Grab your binoculars and magnifying glasses to crack the code at Butlers Bingo from October 24th to October 30th and receive a special clue until November 4th... as soon as you figure out which numbers are encrypted, and there are five attempts to decipher the puzzle each day, you will win £100 in cash. Make sure to reach the top 10 first, as prizes will be distributed among 1,000 participants!

Tips Before Starting The Enquiry:

To take part in this exciting adventure, players must deposit £50 from the 24th-30th of October. The game continues from 31st October to 4th November, as the operator sends a daily clue to each player's inbox, enabling them to crack the five digits and win a share of £10K in real money.

Also, since each investigation is time-sensitive, make no delay and head to the promotional page immediately in case you need to learn more about the terms and conditions . As you might know, this offer is available across all sister sites as well, including Glossy Bingo, Dotty Bingo, Rosy Bingo and more...

Don't get discouraged if you can't succeed at first... feel free to guess again and again, until you eventually get your hands on the money!

How To Claim A Prize:

As already mentioned, only those players who joined and deposited between October 24-31 are eligible to participate in this exclusive deal. To get a bigger insight in the prize pool, take a look at the following list:

  • Place 1-10 to win £100

  • Place 11-100 to win £20

  • Place 101-250 to win £15

  • Place 250-500 to win £10

  • Place 501-1000 to win £5

Each winner will be contacted on Monday, November 5th via email and only the first 1,000 players to crack the code will receive a reward which will then be allocated to the cash balance. However, to retrieve their prize, all participants must login... additionally, in case of multiple winners, money will be split in equal shares.

Fired Up! Jackpots Entering Final Weeks:

Lastly, if you still haven't chosen your jackpot in Butler Bingo's amazing selection of rooms, there is a golden opportunity to increase your chances in the final weeks of October...

But, before you decide to go for the big £12,500 jackpot, win a trip to Vegas or bag a ton of spins, check out the rules as the ball count steadily increases for two more weeks... so, good luck!
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