Did You Know You Could Win up to £1,000,000 Playing Bingo? Now You Do and Here’s How!

Did You Know You Could Win up to £1,000,000 Playing Bingo? Now You Do and Here’s How!

Winning a million pounds is usually something that is only achievable when playing the lottery, but for many years now, bingo players over at a popular site have been given the opportunity to do just that and not by matching 6 balls; it’s a little more difficult than that, but at least the opportunity is there. So, what is it you need to do to win the life-changing cash? You need to mark the numbers on your ticket before anyone else – if you manage that, you’ll win some sort of prize, but the quicker you do this, the better that prize will be.

The million-pound madness kicks off every Wednesday at 10pm, Friday at 10pm and Saturday at 9:30pm and the key to big wins is to get those numbers out as quickly as possibly – so what can you do to boost your chances of winning?

There’s good and bad news here; the good news is that having a ticket into the game will give you a better shot at winning compared to someone with no tickets (well duh!) but the bad news is unless you have a time-machine, all you can do is sit back and hope that lady luck is on your side.

Coverall to Win:

The million-pound madness games are 75-ball bingo games, but there will be just one prize on offer – cash to the person who manages to match the stated pattern before anyone else. Each of the games are scheduled to have £1,000,000 as a max prize, but the guaranteed prize varies from game to game. Friday night is the busiest, which is why the guaranteed cash is set a £1500. Wednesday dishes up a guaranteed £1000 prize and Saturday sees one lucky winner walk away with at least £500.

To win the biggun’, the badass of bingo jackpots, you need to call house within 25 to 40 calls and you’ve more chance of doing this in these games as they only feature 75 balls in total.

If you find you’re the luckiest bingo player ever to exist and actually win one of these £1,000,000 coverall games, you may be a little disappointed to learn the cash is not delivered as a lump-sum, instead, it is credited to your account in monthly instalments for a good few decades! Actually, if I was given the choice of how to have the money, I would opt for the monthly instalments because at least I know it’s guaranteed every month and it’s there to pay bills with lots left over for me!

BingoZino is the place to be for big cash – just remember that and if you’re not part of their daubing crew, you’ll receive a 100% bonus up to £50 and 25 bonus spins on your first deposit - there are many different exciting to choose from. How would you decide on your winnings?

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