DOND Bingo – Would You Take the Banker’s Offer?

DOND Bingo – Would You Take the Banker’s Offer?

At 4:15pm every weekday afternoon on Channel 4, Deal or No Deal would air. First aired on October 2005, the show gathered quite a following as twenty-two contestants showed up every-day for their shot at winning big cash. Facing the banker was inevitable, and while many beat the banker, thousands more didn’t.

There were 22 players, and each had an identical red, sealed box containing different values from 1p to £250K. One contestant would be chosen at random to play their box. First round sees the elimination of 5 boxes. The banker rings with an offer and the process continues only with three boxes removed until you’re left with just two.

With his identity still unknown to this day, the banker would offer a swap to many constants at this stage and while this threw another spanner into the works, it added another level excitement as we sat waiting for the outcome. Nine lucky contestants walked away with that quarter of a million prize, the first being Laura Pearce in 2007.

The reality of Deal or No Deal really set in at this point. Laura was faced with the prospect of winning just £3K or being the first-ever top-prize winner! The phone rang. Her offer was a staggering £45K and she turned it down! Phone rings again; a swap is offered. Revealing that her box (6) was her father’s birthday, she declined before Noel revealed her life-changing win.

On December 23rd 2016, the final show was aired, but rumour has it, it is set to make a return in 2020, although we suspect it may be put back another year. You must admit, the show’s concept was brilliant, even if Noel did make the show drag on a bit, so what did Endemol decide to do? Team up with online bingo developers to create not one but two bingo games (plus slot titles!

Your Offer is Guaranteed

Buzz Bingo is home to two DOND bingo games; 90-ball and 75-ball. The main bingo games are played exactly as you’d imagine; 90-ball bingo offers three prizes per game while 75-ball offers five. There are 22 different values chosen at random and assigned a different number; 11 red (high values) and 11 blue (low values).

As numbers are called, corresponding values are removed from the game. The full house winner in both games will face the banker for guaranteed extra cash, but before you get your offer, Noel appears with his offer. Try not to get to worried, he only appears as an image on your screen, he doesn’t appear in your living room!

Whoever manages to win the full house will then go on to win more real money prizes. The banker puts his offer to the winner but before they decide, a vote is put to the bingo community. Should the winner deal or no deal? They can either win the bankers offer on top of the full house prize or go on for a chance of more.

Have you played it yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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