Free Bingo Games and The Best Place to Play

Free Bingo Games and The Best Place to Play

Too much month at the end of your money? Trust me, you’re not alone! Playing to win doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a fortune, it doesn’t even require a deposit at most online bingo sites, but unless you know where to look, you could be missing out on some freebie fun! Sure, you can punch ‘free bingo games’ into your search engine, but the results fail to mention one major important rule – the cost!

Free bingo games are not necessarily free…you’ll soon understand. Did you know the majority of games labelled as ‘free’ come with clauses such as a deposit is required? These types of offers can be extremely confusing, especially when it comes to winning big cash, but by the time you reach the bottom of this page, not only will you understand the difference between no deposit free and deposit free, but the best place to play too!

Deposit vs No Deposit

Just about every bingo site out there offers free bingo rooms of some sort, and what they don’t tell you on the registration page is you must have either made a deposit or have a certain level of loyalty before being granted access. To make it even more complicated, there are free games where a deposit must have been made within a set time before being able to claim free tickets. To help you better understand, here are some examples:

  • No Deposit Bingo: This offer allows you to play for free without having to fund your account, only what you win is usually a bonus with wagering requirements. There’s the free sign-up offer generated as soon as you register and there are often promotions where free games can be enjoyed whether you’ve previously funded your account or not! mFortune are typical examples of this with a no deposit welcome offer and no deposit free games deal on offer every month!
  • No Deposit Bingo with Real Cash: Free prize money is won every 15-minutes in the no deposit bingo room at Fancy Bingo. Two days access is awarded as soon as you join and what you win will be wager-free. The downside is you will have to win more than the once to be able to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold.
  • Deposit Free Bingo Rooms: The £250 Sunday Sizzle over at Prize Land Bingo is in fact free to play, but unless you’ve a funded account, you won’t be taking part! Same goes with the £1K Magical Monday game where real money is one every week. The good thing here is that the minimum deposit is just £5.
  • Deposit Free Bingo Game: The Big £10K is a popular feature with UK Bingo, only to become part of the ‘everyone wins’ brigade, you must earn tickets. The money can’t buy bingo room sees tickets awarded on a first deposit, meaning new players are guaranteed an invite into the next 10th of the month game. Over to Costa Bingo now, and those who made a deposit within the last 6 days leading up to a Friday, receive 6 free tickets into five top-of-the-hour games where £1K in real cash will be won!

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