'Full House' Descended into Mayhem When Bingo'ers Got Carried Away Full Monty Style

'Full House' Descended into Mayhem When Bingo'ers Got Carried Away Full Monty Style

Drag Queen Bingo seems to be gaining popularity here in the UK, ever since RuPaul hosted sessions of bingo back in October. But what is it? Drag Queen Bingo is very much like traditional bingo, only a famous man who made a living out of dressing as a woman in the US, calls the bingo numbers.

If you’re not guaranteed a win, you’re guaranteed a laugh at these events, but one recent session took a turn for the worse when a handful of frisky ladies got carried away!

Ladies Night 2 hosted by drag queen Kitty Goodhead was set to be a thrilling event, what with a Full Monty style line-up of males hitting the stage during the interval. Only, the event wasn’t exactly a number 62 (tickety-boo!) with the crowds asking for a number 34 (more!) when it came to the flesh.

After some thrusting on stage, a few of the males were subjected to a case of nana getting frisky (number 60) …

…which led to one breathless bingo player boasting on social media: “Had a brill night at the bingo and the strippers. I even got me hands on two, oh what a great night happy, happy, happy.” Did she say ‘balls to it’ or go in for the kill for a BOGOF deal (ha!)

More than Just ‘Noughty’ Forty

A local businessman revealed to local news that the Apollo Bingo building in Cumbria had hired door staff to keep things in order, but it was less than affective. He said: “It has been reported to me the audience got carried away. I raised it with the council about the safeguarding in place. For example, having door staff to make sure things don’t get out of hand.”

The General Manager at the bingo hall refused to give his name but said: “We are happy the acts did not go too far. At the end of the day, there was nothing untoward happened. I do believe there is no evidence of that. It was literally what it said on the tin and there were no issues and we received no complaints at all.”

However, contrary to those comments, Councillor Tony Callister, a spokesman for licensing and public protection, confirmed a complaint was made in relation to the event. He said; “A limited number of events of this nature are permitted per year under the 2003 Licensing Act. All premises must act in accordance…

…with their licensing conditions. An investigation into the complaint was launched and concluded that nothing unlawful had taken place. The council takes complaints about licenced premises seriously. The public should contact Public Protection Services if they have any concerns about pubs and clubs in the borough.”

Bingo players were warned in advance of what to expect, but were the male strippers? The poster for the event read; “Please be aware if you are easily offended, please leave the club after the bingo. Male nudity is guaranteed!”

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