Get Ready for the Big £10K Special at 888 Bingo

Get Ready for the Big £10K Special at 888 Bingo

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As we approach the end of yet another month, one particular bingo site is gearing up for its monthly online bingo bonanza – the big £10K. This money-can’t buy access game is particularly popular with both new players and existing players alike, what with ten grand guaranteed to be won in one bingo game! That’s real cash with no wagering up for grabs and every single ticket holder will receive a share of that prize fund!

Bingo by invitation only is a promotion full of surprises because you never know when free tickets will drop in your bankroll! But there is something you can do to guarantee your name on the guestlist – register at 888 Bingo! Depositing is a way to generate tickets, all you need to do is drop a qualifying sum into your bankroll and you’ll get the tickets for the next game free!

Lots of Fun from 888

The 10th of every month is home to £10,000 in wager-free funds, that’s £250 to the one-line winner, £500 to the two-line winner and £750 to the full house caller. There will be prize pots of £2,000 and £1,500 split between 1TG and 2TG players respectively with the remaining £5K shared between everyone else with tickets into the game! It may not be a new feature, but it’s super popular nonetheless!

Each player can receive up to 10 tickets for the 8pm special, only they must be manually claimed from the reward section of your account. Not sure where that is? It’s in the lobby and usually indicated by a gift icon. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the 10th of the month for the big money to come rolling in!

Other freebies include the free bingo rooms where as much as £1K can be won…

…again, with no wagering required. The £1K magical Monday game guarantees at least 3 winners each week at 10:30pm. Access to this room is granted on a spend of £5 in the 7-days leading up to the game. And you know what they say, “in for a penny, in for a pound,888 Bingo invite you to spend a penny to win one-hundred pounds each evening in the late-night show room!

You’ll need to have your wits about you (and keep cool!) with the evening special, what with the room being restricted to just 75 players. Each player will have the same chance of winning as each player is required to purchased 96 tickets. The room will become visible in the 15-minutes leading up to kick-off at 12:45am – yes, a quarter to one in the morning, and as soon as it disappears, the room is at maximum capacity.

Terms and conditions apply.

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