ITV Gameshow Winner Yet To Receive £100K Prize A Year Later

ITV Gameshow Winner Yet To Receive £100K Prize A Year Later

Could You Beat 99 Other Players To Win?

ITV’s “The 1% Club” gameshow presented by comedian Lee Mack, is a bit of a big deal. Contestants are invited onto the show to answer general knowledge questions in the hope of landing a £100K win. Logic, brain power and common sense is required for the contestant in the spotlight to beat the remaining 99 players in the game.

Each contestant starts with £1,000 but an incorrect answer knocks them out of the game and their money goes into the Prize Pot.

100 contestants will start, but who will make it to the end to try to win up to £100,000? Daniel O’Halloran did and it’s a good job he decided not tell his family of his mega win, because a year after beating 99 players to become that 1% club winner, he is yet to receive his £100K prize!

So, what’s going on?

Get ready to be confused. The show where Daniel won was aired last Saturday but it was actually recorded a year ago. There’s a strict rule for a contestants, which they all must agree to – if you win the jackpot, you get your money “weeks after” the show airs.

And even more confusing is the fact that Daniel didn’t even sign up to go on the gameshow…

…the lucky winner was entered into the competition by his mother and travelled to Manchester with very few thoughts of actually winning and when he did, he lost all control of his body! I think we would too!

Speaking to media outlets, the winner said: “Even now I don't have the money because it comes in 30 days after the show airs. I lost control of my body. I was running around celebrating on stage in total shock. I never thought I’d be standing there on the show, let alone winning it. I was quite confident in getting to the latter stages of the show, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined taking home that much money.”

Well, you haven’t yet Daniel!

The payout rules mean Daniel will receive his money on May 29th. The big question here is how has he managed to keep it a secret from his family you know with it being on TV recently, and even more so now with his face splashed all over the internet!

Reminiscing on his win, the lucky lad said: “I thought if I got to £10,000 with no money to fall back on, I’d take the £10,000 and wouldn't gamble. It was very difficult (keeping the win to himself), there were some moments I nearly blurted it out or my family would ask me and I couldn’t keep the smile on my face. I only told my grandma and a few friends. When they were watching it, they couldn’t believe I’d done it. It was the best thing to see. They were in total shock - they said some things you probably couldn’t print in the paper. They couldn’t believe I’d kept it secret.”


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