Man Defies Millions-to-One Odds TWICE to Win New York Lottery

Man Defies Millions-to-One Odds TWICE to Win New York Lottery

Are These The Luckiest People on the Planet?

They say the odds of winning a jackpot are millions-to-one against, so the chances of doing just that are extremely slim, in fact, you’re more likely to be killed by a comet multiple times over than winning the lottery once. But one man has defied the odds not once but twice to scoop two life-changing jackpots in just three years! 

Juan Hernandez from New York is being labelled as the luckiest human being on the planet after landing $10million in 2019 and £10million again in February 2022 on the $350m Cash Spectacular scratch off ticket. The odds of winning the top prize is 1 in 3.52 million, and this lucky fella has managed to smash those odds twice!

In an interview with local media the twice-jackpot-winner revealed…

…he is still trying to spend the last $10million he won. The Uniondale resident opted for the cash lump sum payment of $6,510,000 (£4,866,517.95) after taxes. Multiple jackpot wins may be rare but they’re not unheard of. In October 2021, a retired utility worker scooped $2million for the second time on the lottery while women in North Carolina and Missouri both won the lottery twice on the same day!

Other Multiple Lottery Winners:

  • Racy Pel: In 2013, Mr Pel purchased $20 worth of Super Lotto Plus tickets after he discovered the money raised went to California’s state schools. Two of his tickets won a prize; one of $32,304 (£21.5k) and the other of $50million (£33m).
  • Mark Maltz: In 2018, Maltz from Michigan won three times on the lottery in just the one day! Stopping his truck at a BP petrol station to fill up, he purchased a single scratchcard and won $7.30. He exchanged the ticket for another and won $15. Doing the same again only with different results, his second winning ticket paved the way for a $325,184 (£236.5k) win!
  • Calvin and Zatera Spencer: The three times lottery winning couple won two $1 million (£598k) prizes and $50,000 (£30k) within one month!
  • Joan R Ginther defied 18 septillion to one odds to win the lottery four times! Yes, experts analyzed the data to come up with that figure! The former maths professor won $5.4million (£3.7m) in 1993 and ten years later in 2003 won $2 million (£1.3m). In 2005 she struck gold again and won $3 million (£1.6m) before landing a $10 million (£5m) jackpot in 2008.
  • Scratch for cash: Melvyn Wilson also won the lottery four times with his streak beginning with a $25,000 (£13.4K) win in 2004. In 2005 he won two prizes on the Virginia Lottery, one of $1 million (£520k) and the other of $500,000 (£260k). In 2013 he won $500,000 (£332k) by playing scratchcard games!

Source: “Man Wins £10 Million Lottery for Second Time in Three Years”Lad Bible. February 24, 2022.

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