New Changes to Queen Bee Bingo See Increase in Prize Money

New Changes to Queen Bee Bingo See Increase in Prize Money

Lots More Cash to be Won From June 28th

One of the most exciting Queen Bee Bingo rooms is about to change and if you’re a fan of the ‘street party’ bingo room, you’re going to want to pay attention as this will affect the way you play (and win!). From Tuesday 28th of this month, the ‘everyone’s a winner’ promotion will be given the elbow. This means that prizes in addition to the usual one-line, two lines, three lines, four lines and a full house (5-lines) will cease to be. It also means no more 1TG/2TG prizes or little cash drops into your account when you fail to win – in the street party room only.

From the 28th of June, to win a prize you need to have a winning ticket, but the good news is it’s still real money prizes and the new total jackpot has been given a boost to £155. Bingo games will continue until this date meaning there is limited time left to run on this popular promotion.

Nothing But Real Cash

Queen Bee Bingo is one of only a handful of online bingo sites featuring no wagering requirements, even on bingo bonuses, free bingo tickets and bonus spins. You can accept bonuses with impunity knowing you get to keep 100% of your winnings. There will be no withdrawal restrictions and even winnings from free bingo games will be credited as cash…

…and not just a quid here and a quid there, which is enough to buy as many as 100 tickets to some of the biggest promotions, but as much a grand! Free4U has £4 prizes, the saucy Sunday has a prize fund of £250 while Monday’s game is packed with £1K in cash!

You can’t win unless you’re in and you can’t claim your free tickets unless you’re a member! More good news is if you are thinking of joining we have an exclusive offer where a single deposit of just £10 will credit your account with 2,500 free bingo tickets and 25 bonus spins! Sign up in less than 2 minutes, make your first deposit, popular banking methods include PayPal and debit card, use code: BINGO25 and get your welcome bonus right away!

A total of 250 free bingo tickets will be credited on the Street Party game, remember, after 28th of this month the new rules come into effect with this one. The remaining 2,250 free bingo tickets will be credited on the Kaching game, which is a 90-ball bingo game with daily £50 prizes. Any winnings from your free bingo tickets will be credited to your real money balance. Plus, when you deposit and play you will earn daily rewards such as bonus spins, more free bingo tickets and real money cashback!

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