Players Eligible for Bitcoin Banking at Bingo Billy

Players Eligible for Bitcoin Banking at Bingo Billy
On the 7th of December, Bingo Billy announced to its online bingo community that it would now accept Bitcoin deposits – the cryptocurrency which has taken the digital world by storm...

...For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it’s a digital currency (a form of electronic cash) which was created in 2009. The decentralised currency has no bank or single administer and can be sent from user to user on a peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin network...

...At the time of its launch, Bitcoin was worth nothing, but fast-forward to December 2017 and the value of 1 Bitcoin reached a record high of $19,783.06! Over the years, more and more gambling operators are welcoming the cryptocurrency as a form of payment, which will be welcomed news to those who deal in the digital currency.

Laura Chacon, site manager, was delighted to announce the news, stating,"We’re excited to make it easy for new players to deposit, but more importantly we’re thrilled to make it easier for affiliates to market to and convert new players. Bitcoin has already changed the online poker landscape dramatically and now the Bingo world is going to reap the rewards too."

How to Utilise Bitcoin Deposits:

Making a deposit with Bitcoin is very similar to making one with a credit or debit card! Players need to head to the lobby and select this form of currency as the funding source. A series of easy-to-follow on-screen instructions will be shown on the screen, which allows the depositing process to be done with ease...

...Players can convert US Dollars for credit to play casino games and online bingo. Minimum Bitcoin deposit is set at $10 and maximum deposits of up to $5,000 a time are accepted. A few advantages of are:

  • Easier conversions

  • No chargebacks on credit cards

Why Bingo Billy?

The site has been in the online bingo industry for 13 years now and over the years, they’ve picked up five awards which means they must be doing something right...

...There’s a great community feel, friendly, caring and secure environment with plenty of promotions thrown in for good measure...

...One quick glimpse of the community page tells you why the site is so popular; from players winning huge jackpots to those picking up freebies – the community page is full of praise...

...There’s a good choice of games, ranging from slots to bingo. Penny bingo games, free bingo, BOGO specials, bonus spins and much more can be found within the promotions tab.
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