Spooky Tournament Spree Kicks Off at Instant Bingo

Spooky Tournament Spree Kicks Off at Instant Bingo
With Halloween closing in, there is a superabundance of eerie promotions all over the bingo vertical, and Instant Bingo is contributing its share of the pie by launching three exquisite tournaments until October 14th!

However, The Full Moon Grand Million Dollar Party has already expired as it ran on October 10th with a total prize pool of €2,000,000... it featured an hour of speed games with a fixed prize of €5,500, pots climbing up to €200,000, free cards, speedy coveralls and unlimited BBs.

Since Instant Bingo is operated by Digital Entertainment, you might have successfully stumbled upon this deal on some sister site such as South Beach Bingo or Bingo Hall, and we hope that you're reading this article with a huge smile on your face because...

There Are More Monster Prizes To Be Won!

Whether you decide to join the Creepy Coveralls or Frankenstein Tournament, there's one thing in common for both offers - duration time.

By joining the platform from Monday, October 8th to Sunday, October 14th, there is a gigantic chance to bag one of the three grand prizes, including €2,300 in cash or pots starting with frightful €8.013 in the Supernova room. To qualify for the draw in Frankie's raffle, simply play bingo or slots to collect points for each €1 wagered. In addition, player access is granted with a minimum deposit, so go through the terms before opting-in...

As for the other fiery promotion, players must hit ten extra coveralls per day playing in Supernova, Dollar, Quarters and Desperate Housewives rooms. The eye-popping prizes are literally at your fingertips, so get in on the action and bag a piece of these spectacular starting pots!

Aiming For The Stars:

If that's not enough bingo for one week, please do not despair... simply keep scrolling down and discover other mindblowing bonuses that can propel you towards the stars. One such event runs each Tuesday and Sunday between 7 PM and 12 AM EST in the operator's Eclipse room...

Depending on what planets are in their favour, the raffle will award all participants with pots expanding from €400 up to €7,000 (on the first 50 calls). So, space cadets, join in on the fun, and play hourly in various rooms like Dollar, Fusion, Quarter, Game of Thrones and Nickel to grab heavenly prizes and start an intergalactic bingo adventure.

Celebrate All Wins With Morning Madness:

After you wake up to celebrate the winnings, and check what's on, might we suggest another round of bingo? If sleeping isn't one of your stronger sides, perhaps it would be wise to nab a €1,000 prize on every 5th call in rooms Bingo Cafe, Dollar and Desperate Housewives...

For early birds, there's a chance to scoop a grand between 5 AM and 7 AM, but... for those who like to sleep an hour longer, there is another opportunity to earn a reward with starting time at 7 AM and closing at 9 AM EST. Finally, we know that taking things slow in the morning is one of the biggest life's blessings, so maybe the game between 9 AM and 11 AM EST is the best option after all...

Here's to a successful bingo streak!
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