Tombola Guarantees Big Cash Promos for 2022 – Are You In?

Tombola Guarantees Big Cash Promos for 2022 – Are You In?

Turn Pennies into Mega Prizes – Someone Has to Win!

Britain’s biggest bingo site are inviting you to not only wave goodbye to 2021, but to wave goodbye with a potential fortune in your pocket, all thanks to the big link week games! They want you to start the year with the biggest and best celebrations possible all thanks to 11 back-to-back link up games on New Year’s Eve! There’s only one place to be this Friday December 31st, and that’s in the bing90 room over at Tombola HQ!

There is one teeny weeny little thing I should point out…

…unlike most other online bingo sites, Tombola doesn’t offer a pre-buy facility, which means you have to be in it to win it! The good news is the big link up games are scheduled to take place between 8:30pm and 9:30pm. What you decide to do after is up to you! How much will it cost you to play? No more than usual!

Whether you’re playing in the rainbow club room or the kaleidoscope club, the bingo tickets will be the same price they always are – 10p each, and nobody can buy more than 4 strips (£2), making these big link games great value for money! A total of £56K will be won in full house prizes alone and that’s £56,000 in real money winnings with no wagering!

  • Game 1: £750 full house
  • Game 2: £1,000 full house
  • Game 3: £2,000 full house
  • Game 4: £2,250 full house
  • Game 5: £3,000 full house
  • Game 6: £3,500 full house
  • Game 7: £4,000 full house,
  • Game 8: £4,500 full house
  • Game 9: £5,000 full house
  • Game 10: £10,000 full house
  • Game 11: £20,000 full house

A Look at What’s to Come

New Year’s Eve is a snapshot of what’s to come with Tombola guaranteeing big prize money games throughout the month of January, and not just on one room, but multiple rooms. On January 1st and 2nd, to celebrate the arrival of 2022, the bingo75 shapes room will pay extra prizes if a full house is won on a special New Year’s shape. Games commence between 8am and 10am and then again between 8pm and 10pm with an extra £50 to be won in the morning and an extra £100 to be won in the evening.

On Monday 3rd and Monday 31st of January, bingo75 lines will guarantee prizes in every game for one hour only! Head to the bingo room from 8pm to win £200 for the one-line, £300 for the two-lines, £400 for the three-lines, £1K for the four-lines and a mega £1,500 for the full house!

Every Monday in January (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st), six consecutive link games will commence from 9pm with a prize fund of £25,500 to be won! The bingo90 room will host these special games for 30-minutes to win £1K in game one, £1,500 in game two, £2,500 in game three, £4K in game four, £6,500 in game five and the final game – game 6, will guarantee a full house prize winner of £10K!

And there’s more! Hex, bingo roulette, cinco, bingolite, bingo80, paper, bingo60 and pulse all have a special schedule set for January:

  • Hex: Every Monday from 9:30pm for one-hour, guaranteed prizes of up to £250 to be won in every game. There is also a 1 in 5 chance of winning your stake back in each game.
  • Bingo Roulette: Every Tuesday in January (4th, 11th, 18th and 25th) from 8pm until 10pm, guaranteed prizes of up to £500 in every game!
  • Cinco: Wednesday 5th January from 8pm until 10pm, there are guaranteed prizes of £120 to be won in the Casablanca room.
  • Bingo90: Every Friday in January (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) in the 9pm, 9:30pm and 10pm link games, there will be £5K full houses to be won.
  • Bingolite: Set prizes will be won every Friday in January (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) in the 10pm, 10:30pm and 11pm link games, with £150 for the one-line, £250 for the two-lines and £600 for the full house.
  • Bingo80: Up to £200 will be won in every game (depending on stake), between 10am and midday on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th.
  • Paper: Guaranteed prizes in every game between Monday 24th and Friday 28th January from 7am until 9am. 1p stake = £5, 2p stake = £10, 5p stake = £25 and 10p stake = £50
  • Bingo60: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th between noon and 2pm, up to £120 will be won in every game!
  • Pulse: Up to £200 to be won in every game between 9pm and 10pm on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th.

Anything else? You bet! Two-line Tuesday’s is still very much underway with two-line prizes guaranteed in picture bingo every Tuesday! Instead of playing for just the line and full house, you will be playing for two lines too! There are three rooms to choose from, pirates, circus and mystery. If you see a chat host, don’t be afraid to ask when the next chat game will be getting underway because there’s a maximum of £2 in bonuses to be won every 24-hours! If you win prizes with your chat bonus, there’s no need to panic as winnings won from bonuses are always credited as cash with no wagering!

Keep an eye on the Facebook page too as there are lots of previews, gossip and competitions posted. Oh, one more thing, on Monday 3rd January, a new free-to-play daily game will be revealed (Free Vibes), so make sure you have opted in to play before it goes live! You’ll receive a 4-digit code every Monday for two free daily chances to win big cash! What’s not to love?

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