Win A Monthly £3,000 At Posh Bingo

Win A Monthly £3,000 At Posh Bingo
If you want a lavish lifestyle, they say, you should start acting like it even before you start living it. It's like that old adage, "dress for the job you want, not for the job you have." And; when you think about it, there's a certain degree of truth in this for sure...

...It's a self-evident phenomenon and one that is easily proved, just try adopting that mindset for a while. But we're not here to give you the “life coach” talk, this isn't one of those “remake yourself” sessions. We are here to talk about all things...posh. Like bingo. Posh Bingo, to be more precise.

It's Important to End on High Note:

By the end of the month, we're all knackered – financially, emotionally, physically. It's like waiting for that payday and when the account is filled with salary money, we are re-energized. If only there was one other source of this energy and, well, money...

Turns out, there is! If you're looking for some end-of-month financial injection, look no further than the aforementioned Posh Bingo and their Monthly £3,000 promotion!

The UK-licensed website is filled with drawings of classy women, adorning their expensive clothing with grace and pride. That's what posh is about. Or maybe they just hit £3,000 in jackpot prizes like you can if you play for a monthly £3,000.

The offer is available to all the funded payers and is a shared game, meaning, if there's more than one winner, prizes will be shared.

What's All This, Then?

"Win some extra cash, bingo style" is what the authors of the site say and that's really it, in a nutshell. The promo is being held at the last Friday of every month – so in the case of October, look for the promo to take place on Friday the 26th...

...And you can enter it for just 10p, which is the cost of the ticket. The game is played at 9 PM, it's a 90-ball bingo type of game and here is how prize fund is shared:

  • FH: £1,000

  • 1L: £700

  • 2L: £500

  • ITG: £500

  • 2TG: £300


It Goes On and On and On...

The promotion's end is, at the moment, nowhere in sight, meaning that it will continue to run until the site says it doesn't run anymore. Each player can buy a maximum of 96 cards.

A jackpot prize will be credited in real money funds into the winning player's (or players') account immediately after the game.

Of course, never lose sight of getting to know the site's general terms and conditions... this is always advisable and can prove crucial if you want to avoid unwanted scenarios of any kind...

...Therefore, whether you already are or aren't a Posh Bingo member, do check out their T&C's HERE as it can save you a lot of aggro, so to speak.

Then you're free to chase your dream and have all the fun in the world! Good luck!
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