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Boku is an incredible mobile payment solution that will allow you to make speedy deposits at no cost, in the most secure way. This payment service allows users to fund their online bingo accounts via mobile billing or an e-wallet. Due to its global recognition, this banking method is widely accepted in 60+ countries making it a viable funding option. Let's learn more including the benefits you’ll get. Why choose Boku as your online bingo site payment solution?

About Boku

Knowing that mobile devices can today be used for a lot more than just calls and messages, one US financial crew decided to take advantage of their power and popularity among people, and create an exceptional payment solution that would revolutionize the way online banking functions. These finance experts and professionals, with backgrounds in giant companies like AT & T, Amazon, VISA and Intuit created Boku, a mobile payment solution launched in the US in 2003. Today, the company behind it has offices in 12 countries across the world, including San Francisco, the US, London, the UK, Paris, France and Munich, Germany.

Boku was the brainchild of all of these experts, who made it a unique mobile payment solution that allowed users to conduct transactions in real-time, in the safest and most secure way. The crew took the SIM card from a mobile device and turned it into users' IDs so that any time a transaction is processed by the number registered on that SIM card, the service would know who makes the transaction.

Essentially, the solution was launched as a Pay by Phone service, and you will still find it across online platforms as such, however, with time, it evolved and extended its services to tablet and even desktop devices, too.

Its strongest suit is, undeniably, the security it implements when processing your transactions. As mentioned, your ID when transacting is your SIM card. This means that you don’t need to share any personal details with it, nor create an account with it. That way, you have your privacy intact. The fact that your payments and purchases are charged on your mobile bill means that no banks or financial institutions have an insight into your spending. Then, you have its SSL encryption, which ensures that your transactions are encoded and impenetrable by third parties. Other high-end protection measures are implemented to ensure a safe payment processing environment.

Being such a powerful solution, Boku quickly found its way into the online gambling industry and is here to stay. As introduced, it is a solution found across the best online bingo sites, since it is available in more than 60 countries across the world. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for operators to offer to their international player pool. Add to that the fact that it offers its services and its Customer Support service in many mainstream languages, over two dozen of them, and there you have it: the most convenient solution out there. Check out how to get started with it and use it across online bingo sites!

Getting Started with Boku

To get started with Boku, as mentioned, you won’t need to create an account. With that, you will save a lot of your precious time, as you won’t be going through the annoying, time-consuming registration procedure.

So, you must wonder, how will you start using it? Well, since you’d like to use it at an online bingo site, upon registration, you’d need to register it as your payment method. As soon as you do, you’ll be redirected to a different page, where you’ll need to enter your mobile phone number and email address. As soon as the service sends you an SMS, your identity will be verified. As you know, your SIM card is your ID, so you don’t need to provide any identification documents to verify your identity. So just go through the SMS authentication, and you’ll be ready to make your deposits.

On that note, you should know that with Boku Direct, as soon as you make your first deposit at the bingo site and you verify your identity with the SMS, this would be your one-stop payment processing solution. You won’t need to go through this process again, as the solution will be remembered on the site.

How to Deposit at Online Bingo Sites with Boku?

Considering you don’t need to register an account with Boku to use it across online bingo sites, you will see that the depositing process would be really intuitive and easy. Players love using it for deposits and are sharing their experiences in the discussions about the method. That’s because all you need to do is find a site you’d like to join and register.

So, locate the Sign-Up button at the bingo site you want to join, and create your account with it. Provide the required personal details, and then choose the Pay by Phone option as your deposit method. If this is not an option upon registration, visit the bingo site’s Cashier section and do the following:

  1. Choose the Pay by Phone option from the deposit list in the cashier.
  2. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit and your phone number.
  3. Confirm your transaction with the mobile payment solution.
  4. Your deposit will be immediately processed and your bingo account will be funded.

Remember that the deposit will be charged on your monthly phone bill, with the partnered mobile phone operators and service providers.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Boku?

Given its nature, Boku cannot process withdrawals. It is a mobile payment solution that processes transactions in one way only. You cannot request a withdrawal, since there’s no return address.

Since you didn’t need to create an account with it, as it is not an e-wallet or a solution linked to your bank account, the bingo site won’t have a return address where it could send your bingo winnings. Therefore, if planning to make a deposit with it, make sure you have an alternative solution in mind to make withdrawals with.

Allowed Countries

Boku is an international online payment solution. It is accepted in more than 60 countries across the world, countries where gambling is legal and regulated, and the list continues growing.

Therefore, if a player from the US, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Japan and Germany, among others, you are free to use it.

Currencies Available

Considering it is accepted in more than 60 countries globally, Boku is a multi-currency payment solution. Japanese yen, euro, the US dollar and the Great Britain pound are just some of the accepted currencies.

You can rest assured that you can use your home country’s currency, since you are paying your phone bills with it, and the mobile payment solution charges your transaction on your phone bill.

Applicable Fees

Boku does not charge fees for using its services. However, your phone operator, the wireless carrier does. These fees would vary, depending on the carrier, but be prepared to see additional costs on your monthly phone bill, including those for messages sent to or received from the service, upon authentication.

You are responsible for paying any fees the carrier may charge in relation to any message or data services sent, therefore, before you decide to use the mobile payment solution, make sure you get informed on any fees involved with your wireless carrier.

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Boku Bingo Sites FAQs

How are online bingo deposits recorded on my monthly phone bill?

All transactions you make with Boku are recorded on your monthly bill. They will be added to the statement, but the name of the receiver, hence, the online bingo operator's name, won't be mentioned there. You can rest assured that you'll keep your privacy.

Does it offer a Customer Support service?

Of course. When you click on the Contact Us page, you will see that you have a contact form you can fill out and send to the team, and they’ll respond as fast as they can. But you’ll also see useful links taking you to pages where you’ll find the Frequently Asked Questions, the Press enquiry, investor relations and merchant portal. Finally, you have the addresses of its main offices listed at the bottom of the Contact Us page.

Can I reverse a transaction I made with this mobile payment solution?

If you're certain that you made a mistake with a transaction and you want it cancelled, contact Customer Support at your online bingo site first, and if they cannot resolve your problem, file a claim with Boku, and hope for the best outcome. In the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, you can send a message STOP or CANCEL, and the service will attempt to cancel your transaction, but in other available countries, this is uncertain.

Must I have a credit card or a bank account to use Boku?

No. As explained, your banking and personal details won’t ever need to be shared with this mobile payment solution, only your phone number. Therefore, as long as you have a phone number, you are good to go.

Are there any limits as to how much I can deposit with Boku?

If you’re a prepaid mobile phone user, you won’t be able to deposit more funds than you actually have on your SIM. But, even if you’re a postpaid phone user, some carriers may impose limits when it comes to billing services, therefore, if you ever receive a message that your transaction didn’t go through due to insufficient funds, make sure you contact your carrier for further information.

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