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Which online bingo sites accept Visa Credit cards? Hundreds of bingo sites accept this banking method for both deposits and withdrawals. Browse our extensive list and continue to read our full review.

Fact: Visa is a worldwide credit card program that you're probably already using for your everyday purchases and payments but it may also be used in the online gambling industry.



About VISA: Why use VISA Across Online Bingo Sites?

As a leading and one of the oldest credit card programs all across the globe, VISA holds close to 50% of the US credit cards market. As reported, it is also the most widely used credit card in Europe, available virtually in any shop, any online platform, and as you will see, any online bingo site you’ll come across. It holds the largest payment network in the world, managing to process transactions for businesses, customers, government entities and financial institutions.

It was launched in the US, way back in 1958, so naturally, it is one of the longest-running credit card programs the world knows of. A project manager in the Bank of America sort of invented it. The manager believed that they should make the bank’s computer systems do all the job when it comes to preparing users' bills across businesses, instead of them doing it manually.

The idea, luckily for the manager and the entire world, proved to be genius, and today, VISA is available not in the US only, but all across the globe. It has gained international recognition, mainly due to the security measures it uses to protect users' funds. Its two-factor authentication, encryption protocol and the "Verified by VISA" protocol, where the PIN and CCV2 security codes are needed for the transaction to be approved, give you peace of mind, guaranteeing to you that your funds are safe.

The reality is this: VISA credit cards are accepted in any place you go. Considering it has partnered with hundreds of thousands of financial institutions and banks, which are allowed to do the issuing of cards on its behalf, any person from anywhere across the world can get issued with one. As long as you have a bank account with any bank that issues the cards, you can get one, and use it in any gas station, store, coffee shop and restaurant, and any online platform, online bingo sites included.

On that note, using it across online bingo sites would be a piece of cake. As long as you have your card, you can choose any bingo site of your liking and join it, as it would probably accept it as a payment method. But before you do, let us guide you on how to get started with it and how to use it across online bingo sites.

Obtaining a Visa Credit Card

As you may have assumed, to start using it across online bingo sites, you would have to apply and obtain a credit card first. To do that, you would have to visit a bank or apply online.

From there, the steps would be quite expected. You would need to apply for a credit card, by filling out an application form. Select the type of card you’d like to apply for, from the variety of credit card types offered, and enter all the necessary details about yourself and your finances.

Considering that with credit cards, you are allowed to spend more than you actually have at the moment on your bank account, your card could be approved for or denied. Decisions are based on your personal credit history.

Once the card is ready, you can either pick it up from the bank yourself or have the bank send it to you at your home address. Either way, you will receive it in an envelope along with all the authentication codes you might need when using it. If you want to have an insight into the transactions you made with the card, make sure you ask the bank for additional permissions. You'll get your online banking login credentials and you’ll be able to keep track of all your payments and purchases.

How to Deposit at Online Bingo Sites with VISA?

Once your card is ready to be used, you can start exploring for online bingo sites to join which accept it. As mentioned, this won’t take a while, since most, if not all, online bingo sites accept it as a payment method. However, if a player from certain countries, you should know that gambling with credit cards may be banned in your home country. For instance, credit cards are no more accepted in the UK, as the UK Gambling Commission introduced a ban. The same ban applies in many other countries, so before you decide to start playing with this credit card, make sure you learn about your country’s gambling regulations.

If all is in order, and you have a green light to start using the credit card as your payment method, do the following:

  • Sign up for an online bingo account.
  • Provide any personal details required from you.
  • From the list of default banking methods, choose VISA credit card.
  • See whether any bonus offers are at your disposal, and claim one if you want to.
  • To make a deposit, go to the site’s Cashier section and click on VISA’s logo.
  • As the new window opens, enter the amount you wish to deposit, your name as the cardholder, and the card’s number, expiration date and the CCV2 code.
  • Your deposit will be transferred to your online bingo account in an instant.

How to Make a Withdrawal?

Considering you’ve played your favourite bingo games, and you’ve won something, you’d probably like to cash out your winnings with the same payment method. Luckily, withdrawals with VISA as just as easy and effortless as deposits. You would need to go through the same procedure, enter the same details, but this time, you’d need to specify how much you’d like to withdraw.

The bingo site would need to review your request and approve it. The site would need to check whether you’ve claimed any bonus and played through the wagering requirements. As soon as it approves it, you would need to wait a couple of days for the withdrawal to arrive, since this transaction would take a while to clear.


VISA cards do come with fees, but these fees are generally low and depend on the policy of your bank.

The bank that issues the card is the one that determines the fees, so the fees are different for each bank. Therefore, you would need to contact your bank or read through the T&C's to verify fees that apply.

Restricted and Allowed Countries

Basically, VISA is accepted in all countries across the globe, more or less. It is truly a method with a global reach, so we cannot specifically pinpoint a country where you won't find it available. Again, UKGC licensed sites do not accept credit cards from UK players.

Of course, the company recognizes governments’ laws and restrictions that are being enacted in many countries and respects them. Therefore, if a country is not ready to use it, it won’t be available there. Generally, it is a solution that has the widest global reach in the world.


Naturally, since it is a solution accepted all over the world, VISA normally accepts all applicable currencies.

In the latest news, VISA even started offering crypto solutions, promising big things to happen, connecting its network of thousands of its users and businesses to new blockchain and crypto networks! Therefore, all you need to do is get started with it and enjoy all of the benefits it comes with!

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Visa Credit Bingo Sites FAQs

Do limits apply when depositing and withdrawing with a Visa Credit card?

Yes. Deposits limits and the number of transactions allowed per day are based on your credit limit and/or self-imposed limits set within your bingo account. In terms of withdrawals, the limits would depend on the bingo site. Details are located in their T&C's. 

Who do I get in touch with if I experience a problem with my transaction?

If your deposit or withdrawal has failed, the first thing you would need to do is contact the bingo site’s Customer Support agents. If out of their jurisdiction, then make sure you contact the credit card issuer for answers. Visa also makes it easy to dispute unauthorized transactions.

Which are the disadvantages of using a Visa Credit card?

There aren't many downsides as the brand is respected and accepted around the world (except the UK). Fees may apply in the case of currency conversion, so be sure to check the rates for your card.

Are there other products offered by VISA or only credit cards?

Sure! VISA is a huge company that is constantly evolving and introducing new things to its customers. Therefore, you can expect to find many debit cards, virtual cards, prepaid, gift, corporate cards, as well as online payment solutions that would make users' lives better.

Which payment method alternatives are best for UK players?

UK players can find many great alternative solutions to credit cards. They can choose bitcoin, prepaid cards, mobile payment solutions and vouchers. But, they can also use eWallets which are not tied to credit cards and can be funded with other payment solutions, such as bank transfer.

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